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  1. JWeber

    Gray vs. Burke?

    Both have exceptional reputations. Bruce Gray has spent a lot of time working directly with Sig working on the P320. Most of his work on this pistol has been in combination with the Sig Shooting team. I have had him work on a number of other pistols and have been very satisfied. If there is a negative he has a large back log and expect your gun to be there awhile. Jay
  2. Sarge, Thanks for all you did for USPSA at MRPC. It grew a lot under your leadership. Jay
  3. I have had Gray Guns work on a number of my guns. The quality of their work has always been top notch. Pricing has been very fair. Yes the wate is long. In the past for me when they call or email for payment usually the wate is only 2 to 3 weeks from that point. There might be something they did not anticipate with your gun that is holding it up.
  4. Check the USPSA web site to make sure that model is on the approved list for production if that is your intentions.The grip extensions that make a mag well and the longer magazines might not let that gun fit in the box for production. If you are thinking about limited or limited 10 division Shooting 40 S&W it would be ok. Dry fire the gun and shoot it for a while the DA trigger will loosen up then make your decision about sending it off to a gunsmith. Jay
  5. I am still using Google free SketchUp for stage design. I just got this notice that after today If I wanted to continue using it I had to up grade. What is everybody doing. Thanks Jay
  6. Welcome from Fort Wright KY. Lots of USPSA shooting around the area. Besides Silver Creek and Bluegrass up the river in Cincinnati is Miami Rifle and Pisol Club. They shoot the fourth Sunday of each month. Down river from you is Owensborough. Fool luck and have fun shooting. Jay
  7. Welcome from Fort Wright KY. Just across the river from you is Silver Creek Conservation Club. They have USPSA, IDPA, and steel matches. Towards Frankfort is the Bluegrass Sportsman Club. Near me about 2hrs from you is Miami Rifle and Pistol Club. A. Lot of good matches around the area. Welcome Jay
  8. Over on the Sig Forum there are a number of conversations going on about the Sphinx guns.
  9. I tend to blink early in the season. I should practice the following more. Set your target at 7 yards. Put a 2"x2@ piece of tape on it. Aim at the tape. Touch your trigger then back off slightly. Touch it again a little further. Keep doing this until the gun fires. You won't know when it will go off so you won't blink. To mix it up follow the above with one round then follow it again dry fire. It does help.
  10. JWeber

    Sig P320

    I thought at one point I read Sig was considering making a competition model. Something with a 5-14" barrel. Am I dreaming or has anyone else heard the same thing?
  11. I use a Bladetech Drop Offset Holster. C.R. speed belt and mag carriers. Double Alpha makes good belts and mag carriers also.
  12. Rocklers Woodworking stores usually have Sketchup classes.
  13. There are a number of Columbus guys that head south on Sunday's. Look up Miami Rifle and Pisto Club, Isic Walten League in Oxford, and Miamisburg Sportsman Club just south of Dayton.
  14. I also have a wrist strengthening exercise I do. I take a sledgehammer hold the handle and have the head behind me. I have my hand at my side while holding the sledgehammer handle. I then rotate my wrist down against the weight of the head in the rear. As you get stronger just hold the handle further away from the head.
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