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  1. I use a large Zip Lock Freezer bag, throw a couple of hand fulls of brass in, spray with one shot, close bag and shake. Than load, brass does not come in contact with any surfaces that would transfer any grit or dirt.
  2. I have been using the RCBS case activated linkage with a RCBS powder measure on my 550. The jury is still out though. I can load 100 - 200 rounds of 223 fine and than the powder will dump all over the place. Probally I should polish the insides and use a anti-static sheet. I have the micrometer adjustment on the powder measure which is great for load development.
  3. I was loading 223 on my 650 and kept breaking the decap pins. These are Dillon carbide dies. They decap every thing fine till I hit one case that has a three crimps, marked,89 14. I broke three decap pins in one afternoon. These cases even break pins on my RCBS DeCap die. Any suggestions? Will call Dillon for some new decap pins.
  4. I get ground walnut hull in 50#s bags for $9.99 at the feed store. Add a couple of cap fulls of Nu-Finish car polish. Be sure to run brass cleaner for 30 minutes or so to get the polish spread out before you throw brass in. Brass comes out great!
  5. I picked up 1,000 pulled and resized 62s for $40.00 plus shipping. Have not tried them out yet. Also same guy has 3000 for $125.00 plus $8.10 shipping. Look for daboopss store on E-Bay. What kind of loads are being used for this in a 1-9 twist ARs?
  6. I had the same problem so to speak. ! was one of the Green faction(RCBS). I bought the 650 with all of the extras. I liked it so much that I picked up a 550 for load developement. As they say "I have come over to the Blue Side" Get the 650 with the works, you will not regret it! AnyRacoon/Dennis from Soledad, CA
  7. I loaded some 204 Ruger on my 550 press using IMR-4895. Seemed to work fine for 10 or 15 shells than it would throw one charge light and than the next would dump a charge and than some. This is the first time that I have had this type of a problem. I load 223, 22-250 and 243 with no problems like this. Any one have a clue? AnyRacoon, from Soledad, CA
  8. How clean is the WC844 compared to some of the other popular powders? Can you even notice a difference? I was going to get some AA2230C, but Grafs just bumped the price up to 111.19 per 8lbs. Natchez still lists it at $69.95, but they are out of stock. Looking to stay within my powder/bullet/primer budget for 3-gun. Try http://www.powdervalleyinc.com/ they have it for $69.00. Also try T & T Reloading Dennis
  9. Tom I mounted mine on the front edge of my bench. My bench runs the whole length of one wall. I think it would be easier to have it on the right end of a bench if you where right handed, so that you would not have to reach over the handle and swager which could block your view as you put shell on the holder.
  10. The RCBS competition dies can't be used because you have to use a extended shell holder to make up for the longer length to the top of the die. I use them on my single stage press for benchrest loads and I have several of the Redding seater dies for pistol and rifle that I use on my 550 & 650 presses.
  11. I did it backwards! I bought a 650 with several caliber conversions, tool heads,a couple of powder measures, shell feeder & shell plates. Last year I bought a 550 with several conversion kits, tool heads & powder measures. I like the 550 for load development and I use the 650 for large batches.
  12. Bob See if Dillon will sell you a blank trimmer sizing die or buy one that you can have machined out to fit the shell case that you want to trim. For my 223 brass I use my 650 if I have alot to trim or my 550 if I have a short run of 200 or so. The only thing that I have not been happy with is the fact that I have to use Duck Tape to hook up my Dillon trimmer to my shop vac hose. I have never been able to find a adapter that works.
  13. One was just posted on E-Bay. Dillon RL 1050 Reloading press with no reserve. Item number: 7205167292 Starting bid $700.00. Good Luck
  14. I have been using the RCBS hand primer for several years. I used it to reseat high primers on my old Ammo-Master progressive press. I have very few high primers from my 550 or 650 that I load on now. As to date I have not blown any up.
  15. Check out E-Bay Item number: 7193793461 There is one up for auction, that adapts a 650 case feeder to a 550.
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