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  1. Thanks, I’ll pickup some SD cards before the next match.
  2. I've been the stats geek (along with other duties) at our local club matches since we started hosting matches back in 2013 and this weekend I had to toss a stage for the first time due to a device issue. I've been running Practiscore since day 1. Our first season we used our own phones or spare ipod touch devices to score on. Once we knew the club was going to keep going we got a stack of Nook Simple Touch devices that we've used since. With those discontinued we picked up a bunch of Kindle Fire 7" during Prime Day last year. People got spoiled using the NSTs; they could leave them sitting around and not worry about things. This weekend the clouds burned off and the sun came out (finally) which was great for the match but not for the Kindle that was left sitting in direct sunlight for 15mins due to a delay on the stage before it. When the RO found me and asked for a spare device I figured it just ran out of battery and we switched to the backup and finished the match. Unfortunately the thing is dead. He told me that when he found it sitting there it was HOT and unresponsive. It is sort of alive but the screen seems dead, only the backlight comes on and the upper left corner gets HOT when it's plugged in. It does still make sounds but with no touchscreen I can't interact with it. I tried plugging it into the computer and could see the file system but everything in the Practiscore folder was 0 byte files. Now it won't even show any files. I finally gave up and tossed that stage because I only have 2 of 6 squads scores on the spare. Has anyone else had a Kindle melt down like this? I'm going back to the Nooks until I figure this out. It was on the list to get the sun shades already but even with those I'm skittish. It kills me to dump a stage or lose the score of a single shooter and I don't wand to deal with this again. Peter
  3. Interesting. Did you use the install from the Amazon App Store? I searched there, found the app, and told it to install. Some dialogue popped up telling me I can’t do 1 click installs without payment info on the account
  4. I just took possession of (8) Fire 7 that we picked up on Prime Day. I had already created a club Gmail account a couple of years ago to use as the central address for match or scoring questions so I used that address to create an Amazon account. I did not setup any kind of payment info associated with the account which created a problem when I tried to install Practiscore on the tablets (even though it's free). The solution to this was to login to Amazon's website from my PC using the club uspsa account and then push the app to each device from there. It's actually a pretty slick setup. Not having any payment info associated with the account will help keep people from installing stuff but I may explore using a "child account" for these to further lock them down. Creating a club USPSA program gmail account has the side benefit of getting you 15GB of google drive space that you can use to store stage diagrams, expense reports, etc. You can allow the other folks from the program that help run the matches to contribute to the drive as well. Peter Stats Geek for the Hopkinton Heavy Hitters
  5. same here...now I'm wondering if I should call and have them switch to the RDS cut... decisions decisions
  6. Ha! I had a buddy that was known to have a "tactical mag disassembly" or two during matches with his CZ mags. It's not an issue with the 10rnd crippled mags, those pads lock in nicely but most people are lucky enough not to know that.
  7. I ended up sending the slide to CZC for the multi-optic cut. The ability to change my mind on the optic brand without another visit to the machinist was enough to overcome the look of the cut. Working out the mag setup now so I can be ready to hit the ground running when indoor USPSA season starts up!
  8. Will do, thanks The reason for the variability at CZC is they wait until they have a stack of them to mill before setting up one of the CNCs for it...send it in just after they do a bunch and you might be waiting a while. if it gets there just before they set everything up then you luck out.
  9. Talked to someone at CZC who answered my questions and directed me to the Work Order PDF on the website. Only bummer is he doesn't know when they'll be doing the next run so can't give a good time estimate. I'll send my slide in Monday probably and do the multi-optic cut. Yes it's fugly but it's insurance in case I decide to switch optics or sell the slide and the new owner doesn't do DP
  10. Hey all, getting ready to get a SP01 Shadow slide milled for an optic and have a couple questions I'm sure someone here will be able to answer: are the original Deltapoint and newer Deltapoint Pro mount/cuts the same? I have two original DP units but don't want to be hunting for another if one dies if a new unit won't fit in the cut and is CZ Custom still doing multi optic cuts? I can only find RDS cuts on their site and those make it seem like they need adaptor plates for everything...low is the way to go IMO. I'm not a fan of the way that cut looks but for options it looks like it can't be beat thanks, Peter
  11. but first one must drop a good sum of money on the extra slide and milling! (that's what's keeping me on the sidelines of CO at the moment)...I do envy the MOS guys for that feature but wouldn't give up my 75 Target it
  12. Hey all, I've been running Practiscore happily since my local club became USPSA affiliated a few years ago but we always did day-of registration. Now I'm helping out with a local indoor series that has limited space. I've figured out how to setup the online registration and squadding but I'm stuck at how to allow one number of shooters for the match overall while reserving staff spots. I need to setup the match to be 38 total shooters, 2 squads, with 10 reserved spots. Put another way I need to set the match up to allow 28 random people to sign up and squad while allowing for 10 others to do the same without counting toward the first batch of 28. i figure I could set the match to 28 total and have staff manually entered by me or the MD after the 28 spots are filled but it seems like there should be a better way. Thanks, Peter
  13. Bought the android version but only have a crusty old tablet with no battery life to use it with...I'll purchase again on the iOS since all my devices are that these days.
  14. Ping USPSA tech when you have upload issues, Rob likes to know these things and doesn't consider it a bother.
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