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  1. Better than a Springfield, I'd compare it to the Dan Wesson models. I'd also say better than STI
  2. Highly recommend that you check out the BUL armory 1911s and 2011s. They make an awesome 2011 for EDC which I never would have expected.
  3. One way to unload them is to smack the front edge of the magazine against a wooden table top. With the right wrist action it dislodges the top bullet and does no harm to the magazine.
  4. Thank y'all very much. Just placed an order with Midway (shipping was considerably less)
  5. Title says it all. Where can I buy some half size USPSA targets?
  6. HIGHLY recommend you check out Gilbert Perez's training academy: http://www.traintoshoot.com He is located about 45 minutes east of Knoxville. Gilbert is a great guy and instructor. You will not be disappointed.
  7. We shoot 7 stages at our monthly match, which includes two classifiers. Round count is generally in the 160-180 range.
  8. I've been using Remington's UMC 147 gr bullets and they are noticeably softer shooting. They are periodically hard to find (I'm guessing Remington does intermittent runs during the year), but they are my bullet of choice these days. Even shoots well out of a S&W Shield for a BUG match
  9. A couple reasons for the delay. I post to practiscore immediately after the match. However, before I upload to USPSA, I give the competitors a couple days to check their scores for errors (eg minor or major issues, pending USPSA numbers, etc) and I have to delete shooters who registered but did not shoot. The slight delay minimizes the need to re-uploaded scores.
  10. I had the same problem. Easily fixed. Remove slide, run a flat file up inside the mag well. There are plastic "ribs" on both sides of the mag well. Run the file on those ribs for just a couple strokes (plastic comes off quickly), should fix the problem. If not, repeat judiciously.
  11. I'm in the other school that likes it. Working with it has improved my trigger control, gives me immediate feedback on different grip variations, and has primarily helped me eliminate/reduce the fault I had of tightening the grip/jerking the muzzle down. I highly recommend it. I have let numerous other shooters try it out and have observed that better shooters have much better trigger control, and that that skill/level of achievement is attainable with the immediate feedback that the MantisX provides. My accuracy has already improved with just a couple weeks of challenging and enjoyable practice.
  12. Sig 226 base pads can be used to replace the factory base pads.
  13. From: http://www.rockyourglock.com. I ordered 01049 Glock Red 28 Newton Extra Power Firing Pin Spring $9.95 I had trouble trying to put my replacement Sig 320 guide rod in place, so from kingglock.com I ordered: G4-GRA1715CON Stainless Recoil Conversion Kit Fits Gen4 G17,22 W/15LB SPRING 1.00 $22.95 $22.95 This conversion has a washer fitting that accommodates the slightly shorter Glock recoil rod. Everything works well. I might try a lighter recoil spring but not a big need at this time.
  14. Played with one at the SHOT Show. Felt very nice - with the recoil system in front of the trigger guard, it sits low in the hand. Don't know what the street price will be but the MSRP is in the $1100+ range.
  15. Ended up going with a 15 lb Glock gen 4 recoil spring with the adaptor cup. Cost $22. Works great. Also replaced the striker spring. Not a huge reduction in the trigger weight, less than 8 oz., however have put less than 500 rounds through it. Will check it again after 2000 rounds.
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