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  1. Any chance yall have any promo codes
  2. Anyone have any 140 mm sti mags in 40, I don't have any mags looking to find a decent deal on here before I buy from a company.
  3. Alright the tunnel mags have diffrent springs, follower and base pads, and is polished in and out. So would you save any money with a build kit
  4. Can someone explain to me what exactly goes into a fine tuned mag over a regular sti. They both function then why pay an extra $50
  5. I building my own race gun on a budget and wonder what the pros here think. Now I know their are 3 diffrent ways to fit the slide and frame but which is the most effective. Brownells slide fitting bars, where you fit the appropriate bar to the frame and brass hammer the first inch and last 3/4. Using a calibrater and measuring which side needs trimming and laying it flat on high grit paper and trimming each side until fit..or Using some hand files and removing until it fits and then lapping it.
  6. Any of yall know where to get a good deal on a tool less guide rod
  7. Would 38 count as a major power factor
  8. I was referee to this forum. Looking to start 3 gun soon so I figured thus is a good place to get answers and advice.
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