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  1. How accurate are frangible ammo??????
  2. Hi Guys, A few years ago I ask for some pics of a Texas Star, so I got the pics and made my TS. So now I need some pics from a Drop Turner, I need real good pics with all details. Please send the pics to luis.cesar.costa@gmail.com Thanks for the help. Take Care
  3. Before i say something let's see the 2008 USPSA_Limited_Production_Revolver_Nationals - Final results for Limited 1 - Travis T. - stage wins = 1 2 - Todd J. - Stage wins = 1 3 - Ted p. - Stage Wins = 4 There's more Travis A = 273 B = 14 C = 70 D = 9 M= 1 Total Time = 229.01 Todd A = 280 B = 5 C = 69 D = 13 M= 1 N/S = 2 Total Time = 231.35 Ted A = 282 B = 16 C = 60 D = 11 Total Time = 241.37 What it means????? Have no idea Just kidding. I think Travis is the best explanation of this thread. He wins only one stage and had the best total time,1 MISS and 9 D's. He's consistency in every stage was the key, his worst classification in a stage was 24th in stage 1, in 12 stages he is top ten, and only 3 over the 20th. So I agree with all of you guys who think we don't have to win the stage, we have to shoot it the best way I can, but never shoot it in 100% of my skills, I shoot 110% in my practice, but in matches i have to stay in 95%, if the things going hard, maybe 97% but never 100%. 100% means i very close to make some mistake and put everything down. So that's it, I know I have to improve my English, and I'm working on that PS - I think i'll change my name to just "T"
  4. As usual a great post from be. Direct to the point of aim
  5. i shot this drill 6 times too with my 1911 .40 S&W limited gun. My average time was 6.87. I will PMBrian with my average and ask for 2 part. cya
  6. Thanks man, But my draw at surrender position needs improvment. I like Steel Challenge, but here in Brazil we don´t have lot of matches of Steel Challenge. Bye,
  7. At Mat Burkett DVD 4 How to shoot fast, he says to practice Speed draw at a very close target (3 yards). So u can concetrate only in speed, practice draw at 10 yards target, u also practice presentation of the gun to the target. Ans the speed is compromised. So i do that and my times are around .65 average. u can see that here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?...c=32863&hl= Bye,
  8. Hey, i´ll be STATS OFFICER at this match. Look for me at the range. bye
  9. Hey guys, I have 3 SPS 140mm, and my gunsmith cut them to fix the box here in Brazil we use the BOX in Standard Division. So i buy this mags in Worl Shoot last year in Ecuador, they have this new follower, very good by the way, and after cut this mags, i can load 19 rounds, when i get them they load 21 rounds, i also have a sti 140mm mag, but after cut they load only 18 rounds. My suggestion, buy SPS mags for 45 ACP and ask to your gunsmith to work on them and transform to .40S&W, they will load easely 21 rounds with 14mm leght, and if u cut to fix the box, it will load 19 rounds. Bye
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