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  1. digi

    CZ magazine issues

    Yup same problem here with the stock springs. Replaced the one with the +10% and fixed it. Then another mag had the same issue. Ended up swapping them all over and never had a problem since.
  2. I started off with the f/o and thought I liked it. As my skills progressed I found myself rushing the shot just because I see the fiber and not actually lining anything up. I went with the dawson and absolutely loved it. Tried going back to the f/o thinking that maybe it was just a mental thing but it confirmed it, I like the plain black sight way better.
  3. I just recently experienced this as well. I encountered my first texas star and I was just all over the place. I read up when I came home and found out what I was doing by reviewing my video. I found myself getting a good sight picture and just as I started to squeeze I would lift my head up to see if I hit it. Once I started calling my shot from my front sight I quickly finished the star the next week. I love these forums
  4. digi

    Made the switch

    I'm already planning excuses
  5. digi

    Made the switch

    Wouldn't say he converted me but got me started with CZ's. Now if only my girlfriend would take the same path Shes actually liking the Mink trigger looks like I might have to buy another for myself because she is hoarding this one.
  6. I hope I get to wear the hat when I go out there
  7. LMAO Chuck!!! How dare you!
  8. I am a diesel mechanic for big rigs and such, we pull transmissions and clutches etc, a lot of it is very physical and working a 10 hour shift is very tiring. My problem is I work graveyard from 530pm to 400am. By the time I get home and ready for some shut eye its about 6am. I tried the all nighter last week and although I did well the first 5 stages I sat down in a chair when it started to bottleneck on the last stage (45min wait time @100+ degree weather) I started nodding off...when it was my turn I got up there and had a total meltdown. No more all nighters for me, I stay away from caff
  9. Just thought I would introduce myself. I was introduced to this forum by a friend that I met on a forum for chevy nova owners. I am 27 and just recently got into the shooting realm of things. The girlfriend took me to the range for my bday last Oct (I know shes a keeper right?) and I fell in love with it. I used to play tournament paintball and sad to say I think its more expensive than the real equipment that I'm looking at now. I have a cz75b omega, and a cz sp-01, shooting production. Kind of behind the curve as last year was my first time shooting an actual firearm but I'm catching up. I a
  10. I've been lurking around and reading a lot of info on everything in general and decided to start reloading. I ended up purchasing a used SDB. It had a few problems so I just tore it all down, Made a list and called them told them what it was doing, they tried troubleshooting over the phone and deemed it worn parts. I expected 1 or 2 pieces in the mail. To my surprise they sent me a bag of extra parts, its like a new machine, runs great and I couldn't be happier. I'm a mechanic and I only buy snap-on tools mostly for the warranty, the only difference with Dillon is you get the lifetime warranty
  11. digi

    Brake Cleaner

    I used brake cleaner as well but as mentioned before it leaves it very dry. Now I just use the solvent tank, one dip in there a little brushing and then I just blow it off with compressed air.
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