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  1. I am sure this might be a questionable question. But I have been reading about the size difference in primer pockets. Is there some easy way to identify the difference in large and small primer pockets.
  2. Hi, i just purchased by first lead bullets. i need information on powders. I have Titegroup and Clays powders. Does anyone have any good recipes for these powders? thanks good shooting
  3. SAMMY63


    I must be getting old. I am trying to find who distributes Gramm Springs for SP-01 magazines. I know its on the internet somewhere but dang if I can find it,. thanks good shooting
  5. I have been reloading for a while now. I do not have any issues with the 124 jhp or the 115 gr bullets. I was trying to load 147 fmj montana gold bullets. i was using range brass, but i use a redding resizing tool. the bullets have a distincting buldge in the cast. i pre fit ammo for a match and they do fit in the chamber. i shoot a CZ Shadow. is there danger in shooting this ammunition. i know this is a rookie question, but i figure maybe someone else has had this problem. thanks good shooting
  6. Thanks if worked. Can I ask you another question? How do you know who won their class.
  7. Help! I shot my first area 6 match but I cannot seem to find the results. I have already checked th USPSA web site and the uspsa6 website, I know I have done something stupid. Thanks
  8. Not really what i would have expected. Shot around 5,300 rounds. I shooting minor loads not major, I don't know if that should have made a difference. I ordered my steel rods this morning. good luck with yours. good shooting
  9. Was at a local match this weekend and broke my first factory guide rods. Were is the best place to get the S.S. guide rod replacements? I shoot both a 40 TS and a 9MM Shadow. I know this is the best place to ask this question. thanks guys, good shooting see you at Area 6
  11. Recently purchased gram springs and followers for my tactical sport. they told me they were for the extended magazines, but I could just cut them down for the shorter mags. Before I cut the springs is there anything special that I would need to make sure I do. This is my first mag spring change since I've been shooting so I don't want to have problems at the next shoot. I know this is a simple procedure but I just want make sure I do it right. thanks guys, good shooting
  12. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this DPM system on a CZ SP-01. Did they really make a difference? thanks good shooting, see ya'll at the Florida Open.
  13. thanks guys, as usual on this forum you get the information you ask for. but, in this case by the time i sign up i'll be to old to shoot. good shooting
  14. Are there RO classes that are available on line. Here in Florida, if you don't know about them months in advance they are all filled up. thanks good shooting
  15. this forum is the best. thanks guys.
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