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  1. Last two I did I cut the belt with a chop saw. 5 min two part epoxy on the ends to prevent the fray.
  2. I like this holster, but cut the sight protection piece off. It hit the slide on the draw, causing me to have to pull the gun up way too far to clear the holster.
  3. What's the easiest way to get them back off? I struggle to get the spring back into the tube to slide the extension off.
  4. https://www.tkcustom.com/products/swn627x8-star-025-ss
  5. The TK SS .025 clip for Starline brass and Starline SC brass combo doesn't work, at least not the current production of both. Can only get 6 rounds in the clip with the BMT Mooner and it takes a great amount of force. Had to clamp the mooner in a vice and use a pipe wrench on it to get those 6 rounds demooned. The RS .025 clips work fine, the rounds wiggle just slightly, but the clips seem somewhat fragile. I think they will get bent fairly easily in match play.
  6. Thanks, I called TK earlier today. Asked what clip I needed for Starline 38 Short Colt brass in a 929. Was told that they dont make a clip for that combo.
  7. What brand and thickness moonclip best suits a Starline Short Colt brass and S&W 929 combo?
  8. Is it legal to use 2" tall bag under the hand guard? Rule 4.4 says staging shooting bags prior to the buzzer is not allowed. says supports such, as bi and monopods aren't allowed, but I think that means supports that are attached to the rifle. Forward grips under 5" are allowed. Can I use a bag if I carry it on to the stage and deploy it off my person after the buzzer? Can my less than 5" forward grip be constructed of a soft squishy material filled with plastic beads?
  9. I don't think that would work well. The epoxy holds the Velcro to the belt on the cut edge and keeps the cut stitching from unraveling. Maybe it's not needed, after reading a couple of these posts. I bought a couple of CR Speed belts and the stitching is terrible on both the inner and outer belts. They were pulling apart the day they were delivered and I was worried the cut end of my ELS belt would do the same. My belt looks pretty clean compared to a lot I've seen. The wide tab on the ratchet strap permits using two fasteners to secure it to the belt. The benefit of that is, the two ends of the belt stay inline with each other and stops it from acting like a hinge and sagging. I also left the belt long so it still overlaps itself.
  10. I would buy the Buckle with the 5.5" pre feed and guide and the longest strap with the tab. The strap can be cut to length. I cut my ELS belt and rounded the end with a belt sander. Then put some 5 minute epoxy on the cut/sanded edge to prevent fraying.
  11. I dread taking the covers off mine. Seems almost impossible not to cross thread them. I put a drop of oil on the threads. Line it up push down and turn ccw until it clicks, which is where the threads start and are engaged with each other try to keep the cover flat and turn it cw and hope for the best.
  12. I bought this. 5.5" https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com/ratchet-buckles-ladder-straps/1-ratcheting-buckle-attached-to-extension-tab-rb1t-n-blacktanwhite-3/
  13. The holes do line up between the QLS fork and the ELS plate in several positions. I have not actually bolted the two together, might need a slightly longer screws, but they will go together. Several other holes almost line up and are are usable with some minor dremel work.
  14. I've had a Burris 1-4X 24mm with the Ballistic CQ reticle for several years. I've wanted a bit more power, but didn't want to give up the BCQ reticle get it. Last week I came across a Burris M TAC 1.5-6X 42mm with the BQC reticle. $299 shipped seemed a fair deal. Got here today. Burris literature shows that the reticle and it's substentions are identical between the two. However, the reticle on the 1.5-6X model is visibly much larger than the 1-4X model even when set to the same power. I expected both of them to appear the same size and wonder why they don't. The magnification is the same, is the difference due to objective size?
  15. I have an ELS belt and ordered a ratcheting buckle from ratchetingbuckles.com after reading this thread. I bought the buckle mounted on the 5.5" extension and a 13" ladder strap with the tab. Got it put together and shot a match with it last Weekend. Honest to God it's the single best addition to my equipment ever, save for the two piece belt. I'd recommend getting the extension with the pre feed and retainer. It's so simple to get the belt on and off compared to the original twin studs. Just a matter of getting the holster spotted on my hip and feeding the ladder strap into the pre feed. Push it through until the slack is gone then crank it tight. Absolutely love the thing. The tabbed ladder strap is large enough the use two of the holes on the belt to mount it. I punched a hole in the center of the belt to mount the buckle extension. I bought the flush buckle because I thought the extended one might catch on something and release it. After seeing how it works, there's no chance of that. If I had to do it again I'd get the extended release.
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