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  1. Case trimmer is nice, I use the lyman ezee trimmer. Brass prep tools, the lyman prep center works well. Headspace gages are nice. Some brass lube, Brass Juice works well and vet owned. I've always been fond of Varget or imr8202xbr for powder.
  2. I was looking at the KGmade Rogue 30 but I'll look again at the Thunderbeast 9. The can will be used on a 223 and 308 heavy barrel bolt action rifles.
  3. How's the recoil and sound reduction? I'd like the maximum amount of reduction available. And yes I know brakes work best but they are too LOUD. I have a Ratworx big Chubby on my 308. Works well but it's loud and the concussion.
  4. I like the Lyman Eze trimmer
  5. Thanks.... gonna buy the KGmade Rogue 30
  6. How about AMTAC? They make an over-the-barrel type.
  7. What's everyone using? I'm planning on using 1 on a heavy barrel 223 and 308. Does anyone ha e experience with Q, AMTAC, Dead Air, OSS, Stingerworx..etc..... Any suggestions that would provide the best recoil and sound reduction? TIA
  8. Maybe try spraying case lube into the case necks. Sounds like something is sticking causing the case to stretch a bit.
  9. Small base die? Check how much you're bumping the shoulders back. I only bump a few thousandths in my bolt action. You'll wanna do more for semi-auto.
  10. I use the lyman prep center and ezee trimmer for my rifle brass. Look into brass juice for case lube. Also annealing after every firing helps with case life. I also only bump back the shoulder 0.002-0.003" for a bolt action.
  11. I've used it on an Xdm 40. Worked well. Just practice using the mount before you go out.
  12. Using the Dillon seating die and notice a ring left by the seating die. I'm using 30cal 168gr Sierra Matchkings. Is this normal? How does one get rid of the ring?
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