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  1. Sorry... I process my own. I figured I'd Google and saw suggestions. My bad.
  2. Google and suggestions will come up
  3. You could try polishing I side of the die using a Dremel
  4. I first started with the Hornady lock n load single stage. Then got the bug bad.... bought a Dillon 550B.
  5. I've got the Lyman case trimmer, spend extra and buy the WFT from Little Crow Gunworks. Also an annealer comes in handy. I'd buy the 55gr soft point from Sage's Reloading. They were around $88 per 1k.
  6. If you can find the Hornady 50gr Zmax, they work very well. It's a Vmax but with a green tip.
  7. Check out Sages Reloading out of WA state. He had 55gr soft tips shipped for $88.
  8. Thanks.... I read an article that Mike Dillon tried either way. He did the single stage, 100 rounds, then loaded another 100 rounds on a 550B. The difference was negligible at best unless your bench rest shoot. I'll just go back to using my 550B and just watch the OAL, etc....
  9. Maybe I'll go back to FL decap/resize on my 550. Then just keep an eye on OAL of the brass.
  10. Bolt rifle. Just trying to shorten the reloading work.
  11. I agree. I only bump back 0.002-0.003" of an inch too. I use to FL resize/deprime on my 550B but thought I'd better results on my single stage. I rarely need to trim the brass.
  12. I've been using the Dillon FL die on a single stage to deprime/size my brass. I was thinking of removing the decap pin assembly and buying the Lee neck collet die to use on my 550B. This would resize the neck only plus decap. Then I could load.
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