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  1. Ditto for me. I hope that I am in too, since they already charged the cc..
  2. This...... Since it is a light load, need a lighter spring than the factory weight spring to move the slide faster so it will eject and feed another round. For non USPSA matches I am using 135gr Bayou Bullet with 3.7 solo and it still functions, won't make PF for USPSA.
  3. Did you check to see if the slide is cracked on the right side above the serial number. You mentioned it shoots fine when cold, when it heats up is when the problem starts. A crack slide could do this. To check it field strip the slide, and hold it with the serial number facing you and see if it bends. Like breaking a stick. Other than that, send it back to the factory explaining the problem. Hopefully, the Factory Armorers can duplicate the issue and fix it. Good luck
  4. Where do you get the order form from? Their "website" for orders or even trying to get to their forms is "down for maintenance" Thanks in Advance
  5. Thank you Chris for taking over. I know you will carry on the legacy that Ron has done. Good luck!
  6. RIP Chief Kyle. While I didn't personally know you, but I read your book is how i got to know you. You were a true family man, warrior, hero, and one who was taking care of the troops affected by the wars. There will be no others like you. I know you and Ryan Job are linked up again, and catching up on old times. When I heard about his death, I was deeply sadden. I am still shocked and in denial. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I also will pray for Chad and his family too. Godspeed my friends.
  7. I know this is off your topic. But where were you today? Was it too cold for you? We had a great match. Merry Christmas.
  8. Give him chocolate chip cookies, instead of chocolate chips substitute Ex-lax. He will be in the crapper instead of running his mouth on the range. Problem solved....
  9. Roadkill751

    Glock certificate

    Hey Atlgentlegiant, I got the call from my FFL Dealer that the gun arrived yesterday. So from dropping the cert in the mail in July to Sept for a 17C is not a long turn around time. I was figuring at least until Nov. Be Safe
  10. It is still a PITA no matter many times you shoot it, practice shooting it, or throwing rocks at it. Thanks for a great match and thanks for being there for us RO's. I really enjoy helping out. Count me in for next year. (That is if you decide to keep it another year.)
  11. the guy is like 20 lbs wet. i told him he needed to eat a burger before trying to set the pressure pad again. You should have give him some of your PB&J sammages before he stepped foot on Stage 9. I was busy and I forgot to bum a sammage from you.
  12. I bet one day we will see PITA as a classifier. I hope the hell not. I had a blast shooting on Friday, our Squad 3 was great and the Jungle Run was fun too bad it was tossed. That was the stage that I was suppose to work on Saturday, but with standing water no one would have found their mag if they dropped in the muddy water. We were switched to stage 9 and at first it was just wet. After the first few shooters it turned to mud, after a little gravel we were able to get back to work. The swinger turned into a PITA, poor KC had to run it several times before it worked. Thanks for all of the shooters who came. And thanks for the great sportsmanship by all. Congrats to all of the winners!
  13. I shoot tomorrow, then RO on Saturday. It is going to be a great match.
  14. That is what I believe that is what Glock wanted, since they are an international company.
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