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  1. I know this is an old thread, any chance of getting those pictures?
  2. Hello All, I am going to be at Tinker AFB the weekend of the 12th & 13th to visit my brother/sister in law, and nephew. Figure while I was in town I would try and find a match. Can anyone shed some light on any matches that weekend within an hour or so of the base? Thank you all in advance! Andrew Hyder
  3. What load is that?!?!
  4. Topic say it! I am looking for data for 38SC with 3N38 & MG 115gr JHP. Gun is a LimCat 5" with 8 holes. I think 10.4 - 10.6 will be the number, but want some outside info! Thanks in advance
  5. Why's that? Too many holes? I use 9.3gr SP2 with 115s. It could either be the amount of, or size of the holes. I have a Cheely 5" with 2 holes. My load is the same other then OAL from before I had holes added. HS6 MG115 JHP, this will change soon. I have a very good friend that got me a fair amount of CFE Pistol. So I will be switching shortly. I will post my results.
  6. Unless something has changed in the last few years, SV only recommends 3n38 for 9 major. That's only for 124/125's, can't use it for 115's
  7. The Glock 42 rear sight dovetail is the same size as all the other Glocks. So if you go that route the insert for the optic will work on the G42.
  8. So I used to use Tight Group with 200's back in the Glock days! I now have a CCG 5" Limited gun. I have tested 180's & 200's with TG, 200's are too slow, 180's are not bad. I also tested some 165's with IMR 7625. I do like the slower powder & 165's, much more like my open gun characteristics. Yes I have searched here for options, but did not find what I was looking for. What are other powder options are there for 40 Major, 165's & 180's only. I looked at IMR PB (it's available), on the burn rate chart it's right by N320. All info is greatly appreciated!
  9. Donnie from Bayou Bullets sent me some 115's in a new coating, it's kind of copper colored (not gold thought). I pushed them well over 1500FPS. They are very accurate, but I did get some buildup in the comp. Not sure if it was lead, or the coating. Anyone willing to post pics of their comp?? Also has anyone used the new BBI bullet??
  10. Any of you guys have popple holes?? Or anyone test 115's?? I'm curious if the same results will occur with the lighter bullet/higher velocity & popple holes.
  11. 1. KKM Barrel and Comp - do the SJC 11 port or the larger Carver Comp 2. SJC Red Dot Mount - DONT! I did it to mine, I liked it, but now the frame is done. Use the Carver 3. SJC Mag Well - Good Choice 4. C-More Red Dot - Great 5. TTI Extended Base Pads - Yep, but you will need Taylor Freelance for your 170mm mags. 6. Glockworx Guide Rod and Springs - doesn't matter what guide rod you use, I would get a tungsten. 7. Slide Racker - SJC or Carver Is there anything I am missing or should switch? I built a Open G17 the middle of 2012, it ran 100%. I won a lot of matches with that gun, & beat some well know shooters. I ran MG 124 JHP over AutoComp, if I still had my Glock I would use HS6 (if you can find it!)
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