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  1. "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776
  2. My Edge has ran perfectly, the operator not so perfect! I am going to get another Edge for my son soon. I like it much better than the DVC that STI has replaced it with.
  3. He won't find one at my house and would get grounded for destroying one if he decides to try to make one.
  4. When I ask my son to go get the flashlight I hope it doesn't take this much discussion before he brings it. Working or not it's still called the same name.
  5. There are a few vids on you tube showing where what the measurements are from front to back. Adam has a good one. I believe there is a link to it on his website at Atlas Guns as well.
  6. My 8 MBX ran fine as long as the feed slips were within specs.
  7. If the mayor finds out you are on here you may either get fined or be the reason for another city ordinance! welcome aboard!
  8. You will enjoy it. Factory trigger is heavy but after you tune it, the gun is awesome!
  9. We use a Red Hill Tactical and love it! Double kydex
  10. now that was a good one! I sold stuff and took some money out of the bank and then asked my wife for forgiveness after showing her the shiny!
  11. Exactly, now I have to bring my attorney to help me game the game lol
  12. I don't even let my gun get close to a magazine article that says that word! contamination is no good!
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