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  1. StuckinMS

    My Father-In-Law Died Today

    We thank God and him for his service to our country! God bless the family he served as well!
  2. StuckinMS

    Double Texas Star

    Lol. You should always be weary of the stage plan your competitors give you....especially if they are shooting after you in the line up! Bottom is quickest, just learn how to do it. Main thing is to go 1 for 1, obviously.
  3. StuckinMS

    Quick Question`

    I will buy it and go through it so you don't have to worry about it. I would go it for you, not for me. Just how nice I am.
  4. StuckinMS

    New to USPSA: Where do I start?

    Started and still use the xdm 5.25 competition for production and love it!
  5. StuckinMS

    Finally Registered

    Cool! Glad to know that state still has some pro gun supporters! Welcome!
  6. StuckinMS

    Quote for today

    "The pessimists see difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty " Winston Churchill
  7. StuckinMS

    Powder Issue

    Change your powder. Those pressure signs are no good and your load evidently is not going to work for you. Some variance from batch to batch is expected, although you state they are the same batch, but going from no pressure signs to lots of pressure would keep me away from that powder.
  8. StuckinMS

    Ran my first USPSA match this weekend

    He should have been DQ'D before the AD. The safety must be engaged anytime gun is loaded and holstered. You learned 3 lessons to avoid in 1 match. Enjoy the sport, shoot safely, and welcome to uspsa!
  9. StuckinMS

    Two Eyes Open

    Congrats on figuring it out! I am legally blind in my left eye and getting there with my right. I just close my left eye. It took lots of dry fire to train the habit, but it saved me from throwing away some nice toys!
  10. StuckinMS

    Hornady LNL Progressive Issues

    I only have a Mr bullet feeder, but can load about 1200 per hour if I try. I use a RCBS lockout die also.
  11. StuckinMS

    Hello from Draper, Utah!

    Just plain awesome.
  12. StuckinMS

    Hello from Draper, Utah!

    Welcome Utah!
  13. This is off the ops topic, but since there are so many LEO'S chiming in, I want to give a big THANK YOU for all your service and dedication! I do wish I could get some of our local Leo's out to the range, but they insist that their " training" is much better than our game. My 13 year old, who won C class SS at the Area 6 by over 100 points this year can out shoot any of them. They only qualify 1 time per year and never live fire outside of that here. We even offered to close the range for a private LEO match, but they just snub their nose at us. So a GREAT BIG APPLAUSE to those who shoot!
  14. StuckinMS

    IDPA shooter wondering about USPSA

    Shooting production you need 4-5 mags available on belt. You can hand carry 1 to the make ready. Most stages will be 32 rounds or less. Most local club matches shoot about 6 stages on average, less than 250 rounds. Most level 2 matches are 10 to 12 stages averaging less than 325 rounds. The cz will do great in production. You will enjoy the USPSA game better. The production rules have changed recently so make sure you read the most current. The latest publication rule book was 2014 and is now out of date for pcc, carry optics, new production changes. You can get the latest info at uspsa.org.