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  1. StuckinMS

    New Classifier Percentages

    I feel that back when all this was started there were far fewer professional fulltime shooters. There are way more now than say 15-20 years ago. Of course times are getting better, more people getting free bullets to play with would almost certainly drive scores up and times down. I think "Pro" category would have been a more reasonable approach than to just raise expectations across the board for everyone. I would be a lot better if I were getting free ammo also, would i be a Travis Tomasie or Max Michele, heck no. But I would definitely be better.
  2. StuckinMS

    Draw speed

    At area 6 this year 80% of the stages were start anywhere in the fault lines. Lots of draws and shots from the starting position. If you set yourself up right, then multiple targets were available also. Getting your eyes on the sights fast from the draw will also help you get your eyes on the sights fast when coming into a shooting position which is a draw, just not from the holster.
  3. StuckinMS


    Looking good! Keep up the hard work!
  4. StuckinMS

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    Awesome range!
  5. StuckinMS

    Which 1911

    Have ran the SIG MAX in .40 shooting major for almost 2.5 years now. Great gun for the $$$$.
  6. StuckinMS

    So I'm going to my first non-level 1 match. Any tips?

    1. What is your normal stuff? You should make sure your mag springs are in good shape. Have stuff to take them apart and clean them. Bring your cleaning kit, squib rod. Extra batteries for muffs and/or red dot. Sweat rag, glass cleaner. Rain gear just in case. Lots of water & snacks. 2. Jumping the buzzer, equipment position for your division, etc. Read your division rules as stated above. 3. Shoot within your skill level, relax, shoot clean(you can win your class/division with consistency) make sure belt, mag pouches, holster are all secured with no loose or missing screws etc., thourouly clean gun (I tear mine down 100% once a month to clean firing pin extractor, etc. All that stuff that a normal cleaning doesn't get) remember that what can go wrong sometimes will go wrong, on the bigger match. Have FUN !! BE SAFE!!!
  7. StuckinMS

    Rules Question

    No penalty is the correct answer.
  8. StuckinMS


    Good for you! glad you had a good match!
  9. StuckinMS

    1911 *must have* Upgrades for USPSA

    We have put over 50,000 rounds through ours in the last 2 years and have yet to have a hic up. Ours is in .40 S&W.
  10. StuckinMS

    1911 *must have* Upgrades for USPSA

    Amen! The Sig max is a great starting platform. It has great sights, Dawson magwell, Koenig firing group, good accuracy, great grips. You will have to adjust trigger weight, possibly pin grip safety (if you feel the need). Dang, they should be paying me for this LOL.
  11. StuckinMS

    Which mags? (1911)

    We use the Wilson 47 in our Sig max which has the ice magwell also. We put the extended base pad on. It fits the box just right
  12. StuckinMS

    Coupler question

    Yes and Nordic makes it. Or at least they did a few years ago when I bought mine. My gun has always ran fine.
  13. StuckinMS


    Generally I help RO at local matches so I try to hand it to someone else 1 shooter before me so I can gain some focus. My son seems to be in constant focus. He actually, from shooting single stack, is good at stage break down. Shooting minor in limited is a set back. I would try to change that. Sometimes it helps to walk the stages behind the walls to get a clearer visual of those hidden targets. I count shots per shooting spot during my walk through and plan my reloads in relation. Never try to force yourself into a 1 for 1 situation. It is usually better to perform an extra reload on the move than to get caught having to reload standing still. You seem to be doing good considering you only havd 70 matches in. I also like to squad with much better shooters(Almost all are better than myself) just to watch how each one attacks a stage, copes with a malfunction, etc. Then I don't necessarily try to run with them but just mimick their plan and see how it works for me. I am the odd guy sometimes, I like shooting right to left instead of left to right. Lots of practice will tell you where your strengths lie and what method works best for you. Once you determine those 2 things just practice that weak area until you can put it in the strength column and so on. You will get there.
  14. I concur! Often at local matches same people squad together and become "too" comfortable and get lax on the rules. It should very much so, be avoided. It's a huge misjudgment on all parties for that to happen. No one wants to spend time and money traveling to a larger match to DQ. So do yourself a favor at your local, and make sure everyone practices keeping full compliance within the rules.
  15. StuckinMS

    Open Gun Pictures

    Very cool!