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  1. StuckinMS

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    You will enjoy it. Factory trigger is heavy but after you tune it, the gun is awesome!
  2. StuckinMS

    Sig 1911 holster

    We use a Red Hill Tactical and love it! Double kydex
  3. Rob Leathem, Jerry Miculek, Doug Keonig, Max Michele Jr.
  4. now that was a good one! I sold stuff and took some money out of the bank and then asked my wife for forgiveness after showing her the shiny!
  5. StuckinMS

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    could not have said it better.
  6. StuckinMS

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    Exactly, now I have to bring my attorney to help me game the game lol
  7. StuckinMS

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    I don't even let my gun get close to a magazine article that says that word! contamination is no good!
  8. StuckinMS

    Lead levels in your blood

    Eating green vegetables allows the body to naturally filter out the lead. Turnip or spinach greens are the best performing. I use nitrile gloves when reloading, my spent primers dump into a jar with a clear tube running through the lid to keep dust down. I remove tumbled brass outdoors with a fan blowing the dust away from me.
  9. StuckinMS

    Are these ok to post?

  10. StuckinMS

    what am I missing about .40 S&W reloading

    Yes it does!
  11. StuckinMS

    New Classifier Percentages

    I feel that back when all this was started there were far fewer professional fulltime shooters. There are way more now than say 15-20 years ago. Of course times are getting better, more people getting free bullets to play with would almost certainly drive scores up and times down. I think "Pro" category would have been a more reasonable approach than to just raise expectations across the board for everyone. I would be a lot better if I were getting free ammo also, would i be a Travis Tomasie or Max Michele, heck no. But I would definitely be better.
  12. StuckinMS

    Draw speed

    At area 6 this year 80% of the stages were start anywhere in the fault lines. Lots of draws and shots from the starting position. If you set yourself up right, then multiple targets were available also. Getting your eyes on the sights fast from the draw will also help you get your eyes on the sights fast when coming into a shooting position which is a draw, just not from the holster.
  13. StuckinMS


    Looking good! Keep up the hard work!
  14. StuckinMS

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    Awesome range!
  15. StuckinMS

    Which 1911

    Have ran the SIG MAX in .40 shooting major for almost 2.5 years now. Great gun for the $$$$.