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  1. GMM50

    Revolver Shooters in Alabama

    There's an ICORE match in LA this month.
  2. GMM50

    What sizing die to reload for 9mm in revolver

    If factory ammo won't work I would suspect the conversion.
  3. GMM50

    38 super loading data

    One good reason to shoot 357 magnum. Shoot short colts till you come to that lolly pop and then use 200 grain 357.
  4. GMM50

    Moonclip Loaders?

    As a test: If you pick up one round and put it in a BMT loader compared to picking up one round and putting it in the RSC (or TK Custom) moon clip tool, that is the same amount of time time. Then if while you're picking up the next round for the tools, you snap that previous round into the RSC tool ( or TK Custom), after 8 rounds you're done loading. The BMT then needs that twist which is way cool but a separate extra step. Be cautious I I am biased.
  5. GMM50

    Area 2

    Plenty of Revolvers ar ICORE matches
  6. GMM50

    Is Revolver officially dead

    Off to SW regional ICORE Match this weekend with a 627 in 357 Mag shooting 38 short colts. Pew Pew Pew
  7. GMM50

    Is Revolver officially dead

    I (and you) always have 3 revolver matches available 1. You and your revolver friends shoot one in the back yard. 2. Go to you local match and shoot revolver. 3. Drive a distance to an ICORE match. See you at SW ICORE regional end of April of PSA shootout also end of April. PSA 700+ shooters in 4 divisions, Revolver, Revolver Open, Semi Auto and Open. 50% of the divisions are REVOLVER only!!! Then next month (May) will also have the same options. Revolver is not dead!!! Go shoot a match. Don't forget Steel Challenge has Revolver only classes.
  8. GMM50

    .38 "mid" Colt

    I'm running 38 Super 8 shot and the dimensions are about the same. 4.1 Clays Federal Primers and 125g TCFP coated bullet from Bank and Clang. These bullets are a bit sorter (Brinell 12 vs 16) and no problems. when I use harder bullets with these light loads I start having bullet pull out of the cases.
  9. GMM50

    929 for S&W Repair

    Can you get the original cylinder returned??
  10. GMM50

    New Smith & Wesson PC 686 with Speed Release

    Looks like the new TK Custom part. Similar to the Hogue. Different than Revolver Supplies. I see something like this on most every gun at an ICORE match.
  11. GMM50

    Redhawk .357 8-shot in USPSA

    You can also shoot in L10 !!
  12. GMM50

    Smith 625 a good option for me?

    Thinking outside the box for sure.
  13. GMM50

    Smith 625 a good option for me?

    6 shot revolvers in USPSA can shoot major but then she has to handle the recoil. 8 shot revolvers in USPSA must be scored as minor. Less recoil but tougher scoring. With an 8 shot in USPSA You can also shoot L10, probably Production and Limited. Raises eyebrows when you smoke them. Always fun. ICORE is more revo friendly.
  14. GMM50

    Which Screws for top of barrel on s&w TRR8?

    Hardware stores now have a good selection of gun screws. I just found 6x48 for mounting sights at my ACE store