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  1. S&W does make some 686 models (6 and 7 Shot) with a comp in the barrel. Also some 627 8 shots have removable comps. Easy enough to modify. And 929 has removable comp.
  2. Consider a S&W 25/625 used. 45 ACP is easy to load, Lots of different bullet shapes. You can shoot in most every event. Also you wont loose money if you buy a good used one. You can sell it for what you paid for it. It's know the fancy, latest or newest but like a 1911 it's a good gun.
  3. You are best served with new loading dies. Lee now has 38 Short Colt Die set. Works Great.
  4. What is the theory behind one brand on moon clips giving better ignition. It the better yield because of dimensional differences?? Is there another problem that is being covered up? Just curious.
  5. I agree with reducing the clutter and picking up the sights are the more important characteristics.
  6. I have an S&W 22 10 shot (617) with a rubber trigger stop. This lets me move the trigger rapidly to the stop then apply more pressure to fire the round. I have never been able to use this successfully.
  7. We ALWAYS us a hone on the cylinders. Even the Titanium ones. This helps a lot.
  8. It all started about 10 years ago. Shooting 38 super in a 627-4. I used a 38 special sizing die, don't know seating die, and a 9MM taper crimp die. Used that set up for many years. I then switched to 38 Short Colt but kept using the same die set. Found I was not resizing to proper dimension, shaving bullets during seating and crimp was just a mess. Soft lead bullets shot OK. But could be better. Some bullets were tumbling. I took everything apart and tried to mix and match to get 38 SC dialed in. But I couldn't resize or flair to save my life. Found Lee made 38 SC die set and bought from Midway. This die set was made for 38SC case lengths. Resizing , flaring, charging and seating. Crimp is still in process cause of case length. I now need to trim the brass to length. This reloading setup can detect some long brass by feel and the flair is then BIG. So i need to get case length under control. Then flaring and crimping should be resolved. Group sized at 20 yards came down from 5-6 inch group of 8 shots (original mixed up die set) to 2-3 inch groups (with these proper dies) Using Clays and Bang and Clang Bullets 145g RN No Lube Groove Coated. I expect there's another inch or 2 to go.
  9. I just bought a new set of Lee dies made specifically for 38 Short Colt. I was mixing and matching 38 special and 9MM dies. And that proved to be a problem.
  10. I use the cardboard box the bullets come in. Typically 3x3 rows in a layer of moon clips. 4 to 5 layers in a box. That box fits in the center of my range bag. Neatest carrier I saw was the blue S&W case the revolver comes in. Great for moon clips.
  11. Points of clarification: If you're shooting an 8 shot USPSA you're scored as minor pf even if your loads are major pf. Starline short colt brass now fits perfectly using 0.025 thick moon clips. No problems what so ever. I BELIEVE 9MM revolver barrels are made on the 38 production line. SO barrel size is close to 9MM. If you hand load you can get bullets that run well in your barrel. If you purchase ammo ($8-$9 federal non brass case) you are going to have to live with the accuracy you get. Lee now had dies sets made for 38 short colt. No mixing and matching with other die sets (9 MM) 38 Short colt vs 9 MM loading and unloading....petty much the same since they are much the same size. 9MM range brass can have the 'Glock' bulge from unsupported barrels. Need a roll resizer to fix that. Once done you'll keep you brass as they are in moon clips. Using a commentator (open class) and lead bullets will get the comp plugged with lead. The lead are easily removable and clean up well with a soaking. But an issue. There's probable more so ask away. I shoot 38 super Revolver and now switched to 38 short colt (different guns both 627 S&W frames). I have a 7 shot 9MM but never got it up and running for competition.
  12. If you got to a major match and shoot 200-500 rounds in a day you will need a gun / ammo combination that functions reliably and maintains accuracy through out the match. If you shoot 150 rounds a week and never clean you gun all season you are looking at the same issues. Of course you can brush out the cylinder and opening in the frame after each stage. But that's not a fix. Sometimes you shoot last on one stage and first on the next. So if your chasing cleanliness just for looks good luck. Build a gun and get ammo that is not sensitive to some dirt, go shooting and enjoy. If you practice every day as the top shooters do, cleaning will consume much of your time.
  13. Almost qualifies for B Western Class. Need Spurs.
  14. It's good you notice things like that. Every match/Gun Shop/Shooting range is run by humans. It's up to you to decide if they are run safe enough for your well being. I've left a gun shop cause of unsafe gun handling. A week later one customer was shot in the behind.
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