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  1. GMM50

    Need higher front sight.

    LPA distributor is Fusion Firearms in FL. Give them a call.
  2. GMM50

    Moon Clip sizing

    The grove used by the moon clip to hold the case is NOT part of the SAAMI cartridge specification. So cartridge manufacturers can make it ant width and diameter they want and change it when ever they want. It used to be (10 years ago) that Winchester wanted 020 or 022 thick moon clips. Remington and Federal wanted 025 and Starline something line 040. I use 38 short colt from Starline and they work well with 025. BMT has this application note: http://bmtequipped.com/docs/BMT N38-8 FUNCTION EVAL 1.pdf Revolver supply has this: http://www.revolversupply.com/blog/38357-moon-clip-thickness/ And TK has this: https://www.tkcustom.com/resources/faq-s I believe that the brass manufacturers are changing their cases to support moon clips. So all the above information might be changing.
  3. GMM50

    Holsters for 8 3/8" S&W?

    Safariland Cup 002 and take off the front loop
  4. GMM50

    Burris Fast Fire 3 on a S&W 627

    That's what black magic markers are for. Brownells also has some oxide kits that work well.
  5. GMM50

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    If you're using round nose bullets then you only need a chamfer to get past any edges that the crimp might leave on the cartridge. Because that's the only part of the cartridge left to hang up.
  6. GMM50

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    Why do you say that growing ICORE is difficult??
  7. GMM50

    Loading 38 special for best accuracy

    That's exactly the load I found in the 1980s. Ream the primer pockets to remove flash. Trim all the cases to same length. 25 yrds it's one hole. You can see multiple bullets going through that hole but you can't count them
  8. GMM50

    IRC or USPSA Nationals....maybe

    Come to ICORE Rocky Mountain Championships. In 10 days or so. Near Ft Collins CO. 15 Hour drive. Great Match one day to shoot (Sat). You'll get a clear picture as to how much fun it is. PM me for more details and options.
  9. GMM50

    Well I think i have finally done it

    I would first check your brass. I've worn out brass but not yet a revolver.
  10. GMM50

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    We're looking at a commercial production gun with tolerance issues.
  11. 125 G 9MM


    We've got them.  Check out RevolverSupply.com then look for bullets.

    I can send you samples.

  12. GMM50

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    Many 929 owners have sent revolvers back to factory to get them to fire on all 8 rounds. Many have sent them to gunsmiths after S&W failed to fix the problems.
  13. GMM50

    Ruger Redhawk moon clips

    They might work. I've been told the 8 shot 357 moon clips do work well.
  14. GMM50

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    In general S&W has a lot of excess tolerances in their 929. (don't know a better way of putting it). Many revolvers won't reliable fire 9MM rounds in moon clips as the gun comes from the factory. Could be Cylinder, cylinder placement in the frame, firing pin length and on and on. It's going to be a while before dimensions get tightened up if ever.
  15. GMM50

    IPSC Revolver Shooters in Vancouver

    Beware of old guys with revolvers!! Pew Pew