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  1. When the gun gets hot, I use a weight lifting glove on my leak hand. Inexpensive and protects from that heat.
  2. This are meaningful numbers in that the course of fire is the same since no reloads are required for revolvers. Also in a division you are shooting against like equipment. I don not think revolvers will be a major factor in USPSA, but in steel challenge the revolver divisioon will be significant.
  3. I take my revolver to club matches. I always offer the shooter a change to run my gun. At first they say no but by the end of the match most of them give it a try. They are amazed. Over the season only a couple of shooters will get a revolver and give it a try.
  4. When done correctly you should expect NO PROBLEMS.
  5. I shoot revolvers because I enjor shooting them...
  6. I Believe the Revolver shooters should be making the rules for the matches. ICORE, USPSA, Steel Challenge and what ever else. If that fails we only have us to blame and nobody else cares anyway.
  7. Dave Olhasso. Do a search.
  8. Smith & Wesson Factory will sell replacements. You need to get creative.
  9. Quantity discounts a a sale going on now.
  10. I think the nerve / tendon from middle finger to wrist gets rubbed raw. It will only get worse and eventually lock up. You need to change something. Grips, power factor, caliber, whatever. I think this is known as trigger finger.....Really (reliable doctor told me) . I can't shoot 45 Revolver any more. Thankful for 38 Super , 357, 22, 40S&W
  11. They do. Available this week
  12. GMM50

    S&W 625JM

    45 Brass is meant to work with 0.040" think moon clips. US Government design.
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