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  1. GMM50

    DS-10 Speedloader for S&W 617

    RSC Has them, HERE
  2. GMM50

    S@W 625 hoque grips

    I think the nerve / tendon from middle finger to wrist gets rubbed raw. It will only get worse and eventually lock up. You need to change something. Grips, power factor, caliber, whatever. I think this is known as trigger finger.....Really (reliable doctor told me) . I can't shoot 45 Revolver any more. Thankful for 38 Super , 357, 22, 40S&W
  3. GMM50

    DS-10 Speedloader for S&W 617

    They do. Available this week
  4. GMM50

    S&W 625JM

    45 Brass is meant to work with 0.040" think moon clips. US Government design.
  5. GMM50

    S&W Trigger should this be stoned down or stay

    Did you have a trigger job done? How is it? Any problems? Don't fix what isn't broken. I never touch that.
  6. GMM50

    Could a new hammer/firing pin cause keyholing?

    Keyholing or tumbling is a bullet sized too small.
  7. Jeff:


    Revolver Supply will have them in about 1 week.

  8. GMM50

    Revo holster

    The step up to Race Holster (Double Alpha) will take you some time to setup and master.
  9. GMM50

    Need higher front sight.

    LPA distributor is Fusion Firearms in FL. Give them a call.
  10. GMM50

    Moon Clip sizing

    The grove used by the moon clip to hold the case is NOT part of the SAAMI cartridge specification. So cartridge manufacturers can make it ant width and diameter they want and change it when ever they want. It used to be (10 years ago) that Winchester wanted 020 or 022 thick moon clips. Remington and Federal wanted 025 and Starline something line 040. I use 38 short colt from Starline and they work well with 025. BMT has this application note: http://bmtequipped.com/docs/BMT N38-8 FUNCTION EVAL 1.pdf Revolver supply has this: http://www.revolversupply.com/blog/38357-moon-clip-thickness/ And TK has this: https://www.tkcustom.com/resources/faq-s I believe that the brass manufacturers are changing their cases to support moon clips. So all the above information might be changing.
  11. GMM50

    Holsters for 8 3/8" S&W?

    Safariland Cup 002 and take off the front loop
  12. GMM50

    Burris Fast Fire 3 on a S&W 627

    That's what black magic markers are for. Brownells also has some oxide kits that work well.
  13. GMM50

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    If you're using round nose bullets then you only need a chamfer to get past any edges that the crimp might leave on the cartridge. Because that's the only part of the cartridge left to hang up.
  14. GMM50

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    Why do you say that growing ICORE is difficult??