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  1. We load 9MM usingTitegroup with a 160g RN-NLG powder weight is in the low 2s. Our goal was soft shooting. I have not tried to increase this 0.2 grains and make major. We get 950 fps with that 160 g bullet. Rock Island 1911 9MM. Almost major and the bullets weigh 2% more cause their Bn 12. More lead per volume. www.BangandCLangLLC Used by team Ruger and in the Hogue custom shop.
  2. www.BangANdClangLLC.com In stock. Used by Team Ruger. Sold in Hogue Pro SHop
  3. We come across the same problems with revolvers. The S&W 929 chamber has a great chamber the accepts a wide array of bullet shapes. Dave Olhasso who is at the 2021 IRC this week but he has developed reamers that make these tighter chambers more forgiving.
  4. We are selling comps for the 929 and 357x8 V-Comp. I'm shooting the 357x8 V-Comp with 145g RN-NLG coated bullets in 38 short colt cases with Clays. About 140 pf so about 900 fps. I can pull the trigger as fast as I can and my red dot never leaves the paper. It does wander out of the A zone. II can't shoot accurately that fast, but then I am just a C shooter. Planning to move to 115g RN-NLG bullets and get closer to the ICORE power factor range. We'll report on how that goes. Gearing up for the ICORE AZ this fall.
  5. I'm interested in your testing.

    Tell me about your gun, cases and powder.

    Do you chronograph your loads.

    Can you give me the date code on our B&C bullets.  On the box   like 24-21


    B&C bullets are brinell 12 so a bit softer.

    1. tomjerry1


      Well, I  have a S&W 929, I'm using Winchester cases, 3.7 gr Vectan 9.5 powder, Blue Bullets 147 gr .358" dia. / Bang and Clang 147 gr .358" dia. Federal small pistol primers. Power Factor 135. Sorry, don't have the date codes on the B&C, but have had them for about 1 month. I must say that the Blue Bullets are more accurate. The latest tests were done after the addition of a LEE factory crimp die, in an effort to stop the bullets from walking out of the cases, the Blue Bullets are the the best with only .016" creep. I'm going to tighten up the crimp a little more, about .374", but am happy with the results. I usually shoot Open 38 SC, an it is nowhere as picky as this revolver. I let a friend talk me into this 929, and I am determined to make it work. The pistol started off with a 14lb DA trigger pull, terrible, I'm use to 2.5lb, well I've got it down to 5.75lb with a lot of work. I'm not ready to throw in the towel, I'm really close.

  6. YES YES YES I shoot 22 Revolver now....Let's get it recognized/
  7. I've been using Lee Pro 1000 since the 1980s. But in the past year I've been having trouble with unreliable reloads. I bought a used 650 from a local fellow that was in great shape. Same dies, brass, primers, powder and cases. New powder drop and new loader body. My standard deviation went from 15-25 to 10. The Lee presses were just plain worn out. 40 years and probably 800,000 rounds. I'll pass them on to people getting into reloading, as some were given to me.
  8. www.BangandClangLLC.com has them
  9. Also consider a softer bullet. Brinell 12 will obdurate (seal in the barrel) with less pressure. Then the older slower powders Unique and BUlleye. But we've also had good luck with Titegroup. I have some 115 g 9MM that I can send you for testing.
  10. I've tried this years ago (15) using W 231. My problem was I got different velocities if I first pointed the revolver to the ground then level 750 fps. But if i pointed the revolver to the vertical then level 1300 fps. A more volumous powder like trail boss might be better.
  11. Same results as the W231 but using Clays.
  12. Bang and Clang has coated and lubes bullets in stock. They are BN 12. Great for 800fps loads
  13. Bang and Clang has them https://bangandclangllc.com/products/158-grain-38-357-and-9mm-rnfp-sized-0-356-0-358-coated.html Also 160g https://bangandclangllc.com/products/160-grain-38-357-and-9mm-rnnlg-sized-0-356-0-358-coated.html
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