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  1. Midway has Lee Short Colt dies and they worked great for me.
  2. I've tried 155g, 145g and 160g RN NoLubeGroove in 38 Short Colt Brass. 160g have no recoil. Settled on 145g cause I get some feedback that the shots been fired. Bang and Clang has these bullets in stock.
  3. Stack your moon clips like poker chips. The flat ones will have NO light between them. The bent ones will show light shining through. When you see light you won't know if the bent one is above or below the light. Move to flat surface and see how bent the clip is. You can try to straighten or just set aside. Good Luck.
  4. Talk to Ruger Shooting team. Dave Olhasso. He's on this board
  5. A longer firing pin might help but that's another can o worms
  6. I start all matches with band aids on my trigger finger. Helps prevent the blistering.
  7. SO far!!! They won't melt or evaporate!!
  8. Stamped moon clips have a rounded edge where the die first contacts the material and a squared edge where the die exits to make the cut. If the die set is not sharp then rough edges can be left on exit. Some manufactures tumble their moon clips to remove these rough edges. We do not. When the die gets to this point it's time to clean up the die and start making good moon clips again. The other issue is warp and twist. We inspect our moon clips for flatness and have a yield of about 50%. Most manufacturers do not go to this trouble. Our moon clips work well either side up. Being su
  9. try S&W, midway, Brownells. Also try to but a 9MM cylinder.
  10. I switched to the Lee 38 short colt dies set. (from Midway). Makes life easier. Shooting Bang and Clang 160, 145, 115 RN NLG bullets
  11. Looking to do some frame work. If I could get a more modern S&W K,L or N frame that would be perfect. Gunsmith special.
  12. I believe you can run that revolver in USPSA Revolver Limited Limited 10 Production And you should be able to use it in single stack but that's a separate from USPSA division and they're not that accommodating. Purists. Put optics on it and you become OPEN
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