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  1. Sorry for the wait. I have been gone for a few days. Well some have asked what all I have in the gun and why I went with Caspian. Here is my list. And I just like the feel of a metal gun and the way it drops the mags and loads. Caspians also feel more like the single stacks which I am more comfortable shooting. Caspian wide Hi Cap frame " " bald slide " " rear sight " " extractor and ejector " " trigger (highly modified) EGW mag well Schuemann 40 cal AET hybrid barrel Dawson front sight SVI trigger insert and main spring STI titanium hammer strut " " titanium firing pin Cylinder & Slide Ultra light speed hammer " " Ultra low mass sear " " Ultra low mass disconnector Brazos mag button Wolfe springs Hope this helps.
  2. It was a new Caspian wide frame, no rail, but it kinda looks that way the way I cut it to match the slide. And the trigger was something I had to machine out of an old Caspian curved trigger so that The incert would fit. Not alot out there for Caspians. And thanks for all the complements from everyone.
  3. Only 1000 rounds so far, but 100%, no malfunctions and cycles really fast.
  4. In my case its easier to track the font sight with it on the barrel. It does not seem to move as much.
  5. Here it is. My first complete build from the ground up. Thought I'd post it to let you be the judge.
  6. All 3 of mine look like that. Yeah, I have had mine a little over three years and it came with the cut for the mag lip.
  7. I shoot an M&P with aluminum oxide epoxied on the areas allowed by USPSA, as do many other shooters. I have shot that gun at Nationals and several other major matches and there were no problems.
  8. Hey Julie, Any new word on the 9L?
  9. I received an e-mail from John Amidon(USPSA) earlier this week and it does not sound like the 6" sight tracker will be approved any time soon. Hopefully with all the intrest and some being built it will happen sooner or later. With this info, I have put my 6" sight tracker build on the back burner. Going to build a 5" to hold me over.
  10. This is interesting. The 9L was "widely" available before the Pro was. Yet, the Pro was approved first. Is it that shooters were not buying the 9L already on the dealers counters, or just not enough 9L's made altogether and available for purchase ?? I do understand that there were several shooters in a waiting list for the Pro, but it looks like perhaps production and delivery of the 9L was stopped/reduced in favor of the Pro, so that the Pro would be approved first ?? Just wondering ... I was thinking the same thing. I went with the 9L because it was the first out and I was able to find soon as they came out. I also knew I was going to put sights I like on the gun and have the trigger done so I couldnt see spending the extra for stuff I was going to change anyway. P.S. Thanks for the 9L update Julie.
  11. Glad to see the Pro approved. I have had the 9L for several months and sure would like to shoot it in a match.
  12. Nice guns! I like the caspian, but I am partial to them. If you ever want to part ways with it let me know. I'll give it a nice home.

    Matt Mink

    Great interview Matt! I also went to a class Matt instructed, An awsome shooter and all around great guy. Always ready to help us not so talented shooters.
  14. Ok where are the pic's? I hope to have some pics soon. I took a break and went to Vegas I plan on getting back to work on it this weekend and I'll get some pics of it in the white.
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