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  1. Geez Gino, Glad it is only a sore shoulder. WHAT did you do?
  2. The Redding Competition seating die has a spring loaded sleeve that will straighten the bullet before pushing it into the case. Can you paint the cartridge with a Sharpie, stuff it into the gauge and see where the scrape marks are? I assume there are holes you can use to push the round back out if it gets really stuck.
  3. I had this problem when using either the RCBS or Dillion bullet seater and not placing the bullet straight on the case before seating. The plug would not align the bullet perfectly before seating it. I fixed the problem by buying a competition/micrometer bullet seater. This die aligns the bullet before pushing it into the case. It is a bit on the pricy side just to have minimal runout, but you have the easily adjustable bullet seating depth. But like DWFAN implies, does it matter for your accuracy requirement?
  4. I just bent the LED strip and aimed the top LED straight down. I just have to be careful swapping the toolhead. But, if I'm not, 60 cents and I'm back in business.
  5. On my 650 before I made my strip lights, I just found a single AA/AAA battery LED flashlight, that just fit in the toolhead powder check station. Shines directly into the case. I used a spare die lockring to keep the flashlight from falling through the hole. Maybe a G15 or G19 from HD? Advantage here is just poke the button to turn it on and you also have a very handy flashlight to look for lost stuff. Disadvantage, can't use the bullet feeder!!!! Polizie1, I don't know what calibre you're reloading, but the power check die use to kick some power out of the case. But then, I have very full cases.
  6. Skip, Just got mine. Looks good. Thanks. I assume mine was in the first batch, Nov 29, but did not come in postage due. Weight came in at 1.4 oz, and the $0.65 postage is correct. Only thing I can think of is that the envelope changed and the PO minion gave his "expert" advice, just like in the "gun shop experts" humor thread.
  7. Cute bug lite. But like njl says about the batteries. waterproof leds http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004ZUYI72 non-waterproof http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002QQ1YOM 12V power supply http://www.amazon.com/Wall-Adapter-Power-Supply-12VDC/dp/B006GEPUYA note that you are "right on the edge of capacity" to power the entire reel with this power supply. you just have to solder the correct wire to the led pads
  8. I did pick up a reel of LEDs and made my own for my 650. I used 6 LEDs (60 cents worth of the reel), a 12V power pack (free from work), some wire (free from work) and some heat shrink (you know from where). The double stick tape on the LED strip isn't very good, But the Dillon Blue tape (blue painters tape) works fine.
  9. Only once. A couple of friends and I were headed to state championships. He put all his ammo in a quad pistol case. Since it was "convenient", the gate agent weighed it. He was over. I offered space in my bag, She then weighed my ammo to make sure that I didn't go over.
  10. I was wondering about the platform myself. I've only seen pictures or video. The new platform looks much thicker. Looks like about 3/4 inch thick aluminum. Mine is at most 3/8, but in steel. Not sure why the change. Maybe cast aluminum vs machined steel for cost. Or maybe the "thickness" is just a skirt, as I don't see how the same indexing ring can work for both. Unless the indexing ring PN is different also. Anyone care to chime in?
  11. I think I bought my 650 in at about the same time as you. 1) I know the power measure has changed, but I like the older one. The linkage arms have grease fittings. Mine doesn't have any provisions for lubing at all. I just drip LPS2 in the gaps and have not experienced any problem. Case feeder changed. Probably a bit more minor tweaks, but I haven't been keeping up. 2) I would say run the machine as is and then if you have a problem, upgrade. 3) See 2. 4) Yup. 5, 6, 7) Don't know. I would highly recommend getting the case feeder. And for your most reloaded cartridge, a Mr Bulletfeeder.
  12. How far can you move the handle down? Could the shell be hitting the sizer or powder funnel? Junk in shellplate groove preventing shell from fully seating. Can you advance the primer feed manually? Primer disk to shaft not lubricated. Primer ram not fully retracted and sticking in the primer disk. Shellplate indexes on the handle upstroke.
  13. From what I understand, Daisy discontinued their caseless ammo because it would have turned their AIRguns into FIREarms and then they would have to play with the batf. I have a brick of the ammo and a rifle, somewhere...
  14. Just finished American Sniper and The Book of Swords. Currently on Monster Hunter Legion and Dresden Files Changes.
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