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  1. It all the little things. Thanks
  2. just the advice i need. I have very small hands for a male. I have found it almost impossible to do the extreme thumbs forward hold. I have been concentrating on stregthening my grip and teaching myself to subcouciciously maintain a firm grip. Yeah i do need to practice my timing on when my hands come together. Its all the little things that are keeping me from moving up in class
  3. anything you guys can point out that i can do better? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owdQXy8rNlg&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWHn8No5jIc
  4. buy a 40, and load some minor loads for it. I bet it will run just fine in the 135pf range with the right springs
  5. 3.8 @ 1.13 sgould get you about 925 to 950 depending on gun. its a good accurate load
  6. ahh thanks for the replies. it seems from the opinions here, i might have been a little overzelous in my thinking. I will just have to mind my own buisness next time. :)
  7. At no time was the slide in other than open. i forget ot mention that when it went vertical, it was with the gun against the body, not at any arms length. My real concern was when he put the gun down with the barrel facing themselves and 180 degrees from the berm. open or not, i am confident that is not proper in any rule book or range rule.
  8. I was at the local Idpa match this weekend. I was in the safety are with a friend looking at a gun. a guy comes to the table with his buddy and starts messing with a 1911. they seem to be changing the mag catch. slide is open. the guy changing the catch points the gun straight up while using a screwdriver. after that, for whatever reason, when he sets down the gun, he points it 180 degrees from the berm, pointing it at themselves. that's when i opened my mouth and told them to point it downrange. After that we left the safety area. I am not sure what i should have done in this situation, other than telling to quit pointing the gun in a unsafe direction As i have described, how would you have handled it? would you go to the MD and get the DQ?
  9. what i do on both the make ready and ulsc is i push the gun forward as much as i can, and then put my weak hand on my chest and then holster. gets the weak hand out of the way quick.
  10. I am kinda in the same situation now. I shoot my basically stock pro 40 in limited. no long mags or magwell. Shoot high c/ low B scores. I have been looking for a 2011 style to try out. the main difference i can see and feel is the weight and trigger of the 1911 style guns. Friend has a Brazo's and it is like heaven in the hand. What has kept me from buying one is the cost. gotta get a gun/mags/holster which adds to to a lot after its all done. If i can find someone getting out of limited and selling a package deal at a decent price, i might jump on it, but i will run my Mp40 till I do.
  11. Are there an rules or guidelines to where people videoing can stand or follow while videoing a shooter??? things like how close and at what angle they can video?
  12. i don't know about the current product, but when they first came out a few years ago i bought 7k. I loaded a bunch and had nothing but problems. I was getting 2-3 duds per hundred primers. hit once, hit twice, three times no go. plain duds. back then they were about 18k. i always thought a primer was primer and never had a dud in the thousands of other brands i had used. Unless i know for sure they have improved, i will wait.
  13. Does it say NT on the case rim?? if it does, its crimped. Sell the 650, or buy 1050 and your worries will be gone. LOL
  14. A question you should ask yourself is how many rounds a month or year do you think you will use. If you are going to shoot a couple of hundred 10mm a year, a progressive might be an overkill. a single stage will do just as well, and will be less expensive. Now if you intend to shoot 200 a week, a progressive like a SDB or 650 will do great and produce quality ammo. many people recoomend the 550, but auto indexing is a great thing to have when making a large amount of ammo. this would be the basic needs to start reloading press Dies caliper for measuring OAL scale for checking powder drop tumbler for cleaning brass reloading manual of course powder, primers and bullets
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