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  1. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    So... How did the match go.?? Or has it finished yet... (..???..)
  2. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    Your results sound like mine. I think you will discover that the dissonance you feel because of the different corrections in each eye will slowly abate. It took me about ten days (+/-..) to feel really comfortable. It is actually quite a normal response and easily overcome. Just ask folks who wear contacts for reading.. (one eye only..). Thanks for the update.!! Oh, the "jerk behind the trigger" thing.?? It has a way of working itself out.!!
  3. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    Let us know what you think.... I like mine but it's always good to get input from others. Did you order your correction the same as reading glasses... or did you intentionally move the focal distance out some.?? Your front sight is further out than you would normally hold reading material like a book or newspaper. This usually requires you to reduce the amount of correction some. For example, if your "normal" reading lenses are a 2.25 correction, then your correction for shooting glasses is about a 1.75 -- 2.0. Reducing the correction moves the focal distance out further from your eye. Just wondering how you decided on the amount of correction.??
  4. Any discounts for members

    Just for Gen Info... What is the domain your emails originate from.?? Is it shootersconnection.com ?? Thanks...
  5. SIG 2022 Questions

    Aussie Tactical said: "Thanks for the answer. Right now I am thinking we will get either a Walther Q5 of a Sig 320. That way we totally avoid the decocking issue. I want him to be as focused on the shooting as possible, and I am just concerned the manual decocking was going to risk being too much of a distraction for him at this stage. We can always revisit it when he is a bit older and more experienced." You may have already made your purchase decision and if you have you can ignore this.!! Otherwise, let me just say that I went through a few months back a lot of what you are doing right now. I am an "oldster" so the "young" issues don't really apply, but almost everything else does. I was looking for a way to get into Production division with a decent gun that would last me until I either out-performed it or gave up competition. I looked at a lot of guns (and I already own a couple that I could have used..), but I settled on the exact same two guns that you are contemplating. It was a tough decision.... and truthfully, I don't think you could go too far wrong with either one of them. I handled both of them and shot both of them. I have a fairly decent club close by and there are several Sig 320's available. The Q5 was also represented but only with one gun. Didn't matter though, one was enough. I decided on the Sig 320. For what it is worth, I found the factory trigger on the Sig to be just about as good as a factory striker fired trigger can be. It's not too light, but it 'feels' a lot lighter than it is. I liked the Q5 too... Just not quite as much as the Sig. You have to be aware of the hype... Walther hypes their guns pretty good on their web site. Sig does much the same too. I found it interesting that Sig won the recent military contract here with the 320. And there is the fact that you COULD change out the grip module if you needed to do so.... inexpensively too... about $50. or so. Anyway, the Sig is very popular right now, although the availability of aftermarket parts is not as good as it could be...YET.!! Anyway, just thought I would throw this out there. Either would be good I think. I preferred the Sig... and that is what I bought. It's been about three months now, and I am VERY pleased. It's hard to argue with what works well and makes you happy. Good luck with your decision and purchase. Hope the boy takes to the shooting game.!!
  6. Welcome to Reloading Innovations!

    Okay... sounds good. I'll try to pull an order together in the next couple of days. I will probably want to get the spill stop and the bearing kit also and maybe the feeder stop as well. Are all of the items currently in stock.??
  7. Retracted for bad taste

    Wait.... Now I'm offended that you un-offended some guys but not me.! I want to be offended and un-offended too.... Please, can I, huh, can I..
  8. Welcome to Reloading Innovations!

    Just looked at your product line... Looks very interesting... One quick question.... I noticed you have listed "replacement" modules for the lighting kit for the 650 in one's and three's..... So, are the LED kits prone to failure?? Maybe a better way to ask would be... What is the expected service life for the lighting module in the 650 press light kit?? Also, the information in your "support" section says to "plug in" the module to the switch and the switch to power adapter and then "plug in" the power adapter....So, the last question, is the light system line powered.?? You know, from household power--120V.?? OR is this a battery pack of some sort.?? Thanks... looks like a great idea.!
  9. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    Hmm, well that does make a difference..... I guess. I am afraid MY rationalization would be far more drastic than that... I know quality costs money. But there is a limit to my understanding. Sometimes you just have to say NO.!!! But I'm happy for you.!!
  10. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    Hmmm... Really.?? Let's see now... Right hand = New shooting glasses; Left hand = Food for a couple of months or more.... and incessant complaining.... and constantly looking over shoulder for flying objects.... I guess it's pretty much a toss-up.
  11. New member & 9mm powders

    Your German is probably WAY more current than mine....
  12. Questions.. Loading Dies..Lee?? FCD??

    N3WWN...Your image in the last post made me think. I went back to your post of the measurements and read more thoroughly. I also reviewed the "net" and found some more images of sectioned brass much as you said. After reviewing and thinking I believe that your measurements are probably very close.... but I think you may have moved a little off track in a couple of places. This is really easy to do on a computer, especially when you are working quickly. In any event, here is what I discovered. You said: .... "... the "good" range brass shows about 0.009"-0.011" for the top ~1/4" of the wall..." Okay, this sounds plausible. "... brass culled out has walls 0.013"-0.015", with 0.0135" being the most common (same top ~1/4" of the wall)..." Okay here too, sounds likely. Here is where things start to go a little "off". "...If I have the FCD set to just remove the flare from my "good" range brass, let's call that 0.010" for each wall + 0.3565" for the bullet, or 0.3585" at the case mouth...." Not really... Your numbers allow for only an additional .002 (two thousandths..) for the case walls instead of .020 (twenty thousandths..). The correct number here should be .3765 not .3585. "...If we throw in the worst case reject brass, that's 0.015" for each wall + 0.3565" for the bullet, or 0.3595..." Again, not really. The number here should be an additional .030 (thirty thousandths..) for a total of .3865 not .3595. "...BUT, the FCD is set to 0.3585", so the bullet is getting swaged 0.0010", resulting in a 0.3555" bullet at the case mouth..." The errors up there ^ start compounding... The FCD would be set to .3765 resulting in a swaging effect of .010 (ten thousandths..) not .001... resulting in a bullet diameter at the case mouth of .3465 not .3555. It is now easy to see why there could be a problem. Your original "good cases" would allow the bullet to leave the case at approximately .3565 which is very close to groove diameter and with a little obturation should fit the barrel very well. The "bad" cases would close the bullet down an additional .010 (ten thousandths..) which would make them undersize for the bore at .3465. Now, depending on the amount of internal taper in the case, the "driving" surface of the bullet could be a bit smaller than that.!!! Undersize = yes.!! Gas leakage = yes.!! Gas cutting = probably.!! Deformed bases = probably.!! Squeezed like this, it is conceivable that the bullets may not have even touched the lands..... Remember the potential diameter of the lands is around .348, depending on the type of barrel and the QC by the manufacturer, and whether or not they hold tight to SAAMI specs. You could probably use these cases, but you would have to back your FCD off to just straighten out the case at the mouth without swaging them down..... This puts a whole new light on this issue.....
  13. Bad choice???

    Hmmm, yes, I know. I thought that is what I said... "That would mean you could shoot in various divisions depending on how you have the gun set up." Maybe I was not clear. Sorry for any confusion...
  14. Forum Problems Again

    I don't know what they did... if anything. But the forum is definitely quicker today. Me and my Mac(s) thank the responsible party..!!
  15. Exactly.... I've fired a LOT of dented cases in my lifetime. Everything from small dents across the case caused by dropping a round to dents on shoulders caused by excessive case lube (way back in the days of sticky case lube in tubes..!). I have never had a problem firing a dented case. Of course, I HAVE thrown away a few with BIG dents too.. As long as the "dents" are not "creases" I would do exactly as Mem-Mech suggested. Should not be a problem...