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  1. New member & 9mm powders

    Let me give you some of the same guidance that was given to me.... A lot depends on what you are trying to achieve. You mentioned "clean" and "low-recoil" and "lower pressure". I am not certain that all three of them go together IF you are trying to make the performance floor (minor/major etc.). If you are just trying to get some target loads together and don't really care about the competition floor, then the answer is definitely "yes". Bullseye will burn clean and completely and is one of the "softest" recoiling powders I found (just as it was described to me..). The problem may come if you are trying to reach the minor floor with it. To get there the loads are really pushing the envelope and in some cases EXCEED the recommended in the manuals. Slightly reduce the load though and it shoots soft and clean. Win 231 or HP38 (same like same..) are easy to load and quite capable. They are pretty clean and relatively soft shooting. They make the floor easily without stressing over pressure. Prima V is my favorite right now. Clean and soft shooting, meters nicely, no pressure issues. Of the ones I mentioned... Win 231 is my favorite to LOAD. It meters faultlessly, bulks nicely so no danger of double charging, burns clean, shoots nice. My favorite to SHOOT is Prima V. It just seems better in most every way to me..... Bullseye is the cleanest and the softest shooting, but pressures are touchy by the manual (if you are sensitive about such things..). All of this is in MY guns with MY loads and MY loading techniques, and shot over MY chronographs (Oehler 35P and MagnetoSpeed V3 shot concurrently..). Your results may be different.! Hope this helps...
  2. New member & 9mm powders

    I thought that this thread had sort of "gone away", but then recently received notification that it was active again. Since I am the OP, I will throw this out there. And to answer your question Mr. Watson, .... No, I am not still shopping... Shopping was concluded early on and testing began in earnest. I intended to post a new thread with results (including chrono..), but haven't got around to it yet. So until I get that done, here are some of my impressions so far..... I found there were several powders that functioned well in my three guns. As most of you guys suggested, my original premise was somewhat flawed. The faster powders did indeed function well and burned more completely. The recoil impulse was noticeably different in favor of the faster powders. The one thing that gives me pause is the probable pressure curve. I have no way to measure pressure obviously, but the loads I found that would make the minor floor with both 115s and 124s were very close (or slightly OVER..) the recommended maximums. I'm still considering this..... The best metering powder I found through my Dillon was Win 231. That along with True Blue meter almost perfectly. The softest shooting that made the floor was probably Bullseye (just as several of you said it would be...). None of the ones I tried were excessively dirty, although the faster ones were somewhat cleaner (NOTE: I did not try Titegroup..). Of the powders I tested (there were five---Bullseye, Win 231, True Blue, Prima V, and Sport Pistol...) I think I like Prima V the best. Win 231 is easy....meters easy, loads easy--nice volume, makes floor easily, stays under maximum..... so I will definitely be shooting more of it too. Prima V just seems to be clean, fast enough, low smoke, and shoots soft. I will experiment some more with the rest of them, but so far it's Prima V and Win 231. Now, please note I am not saying that Win 231 out performs the others. Its just "easy". It performs across the spectrum of bullets, cases, and primers with little noticeable variation. Its not the leader in any category, but it performs well in all..... As soon as I can get my sh*t together, I will post a thread with test results including chrono results. I was pleased ... and a little surprised.!!
  3. P320 X5 Grip Module Weight

    Well, I started to.... but decided against it because there is enough room in my divisions for the extra weight....and it adds some recoil absorption. But to answer your question... It comes out the top. You have to remove the FCU (easey peasey..) Then work a punch or maybe a small screwdriver in behind it to wedge it away from the frame. It's sort of wedged in there pretty tightly with some sort of soft plastic or rubber to keep it from working loose on its own. I had mine pretty loose, but changed my mind so I just tapped it back in place. In any event, once you loosen it up enough you pull or push it out the top. I started to use a piece of hardwood dowel to tap on it from the bottom, but then stopped.... for the above mentioned reasons. You could also probably pull it out from the top with a hook of some sort or maybe a pair of needle nose..?? Be sure to not damage the "rubber" (or whatever it is..). You'll need it to replace the weight no matter what frame you put it in...
  4. P320 X5 shooting left on bill drills

    Occasional problem for me as well. I've traced it to inconsistent left/weak/support hand position and grip pressure. When I "think" about it (concentrate..)... it doesn't happen.
  5. P320 X5 Grip Module Weight

    Short answer.... Yes, you can remove it. Takes a little doing...some disassembly. Yes, you can move it... as long as you move it to another X grip frame.!!..... The weight is designed to specifically fit the X5 grip frame. I don't think there would be any way it would fit in any other grip. Just My Humble Opinion.... Worth price charged...
  6. 6 month reflections

    This thread brought back some memories... I started shooting handguns "back in the day" when revolvers were still king in law enforcement circles and PPC was the big handgun "action sport" of the time. For those who were interested, "bullseye" or "conventional pistol" was the stepping stone to the national matches where it is still king of the hill at Camp Perry. I think we were all taught that accuracy is "Number 1", and everything else would follow. PPC was pretty tame when compared to today's action shooting sports. I got into today's action shooting only recently. Truthfully, I am not certain why other than to say "It seemed like a good idea at the time." I'm too old to really compete, but I like it none the less. I would like to blame my lack of speed on the fact that I am an "Old Bullseye Shooter" as HP Jack suggested.... Only the truth prevents me from doing so. My reduced mobility and declining eyesight reduce my speed through the stages and make the hits far more difficult..... Time waits for no man... Still having fun though..!!
  7. USPSA Limited Major what gear to get?

    The gun doesn't make the shooter. The shooter makes the gun. Pick a gun that is familiar and that will make you happy.... and still let you eat and support the family. The initial purchase is a one time thing and can be re-sold if you decide you want to upgrade. Until then the money you DID NOT spend will keep you in ammo and supplies while you decide if you want to go DEEP into the sport.
  8. New member & 9mm powders

    I know family is ALWAYS first. I also know that family doesn't ALWAYS cause these issues. You gotta be honest with yourself and then.... You have to order your priorities..... If you prefer to sit and watch TV, OR if you prefer to go to a movie, OR if you just HAVE to go next door for a while to BS with that guy, OR you really NEED to prep and paint a car restoration, OR it's summer time and you have to go to the beach this weekend, OR it's winter and you just have to take a skiing trip this weekend, OR you noticed a weed growing in your lawn so you MUST get out the gear and prep the lawn for "Weed and Feed", OR your truck needs a tuneup and instead of letting the garage take care of it you decide it is much more important for you to do it yourself, OR the siding on the house needs to be pressure washed, Or the driveway needs a new sealcoat, OR you just have to go to the mall and find a new sport coat for fall season...... Well, you're right, you will NEVER enjoy shooting a match or practicing with your shooting friends. It's all in how you approach it..... I'm too old and I've done this for too long.... I have heard ALL of the excuses and believe me, they're no better now than they were the first time I heard them. Good luck..!!
  9. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    I just ordered another set of SSP glasses. These are the Denial lenses... regular bifocal with correction in the bottom. I am going to set up one pair with top focal on my dominant side and bottom focal on the other. Just for shooting, should be okay. Good sight clarity with dominant eye and good distance vision straight ahead with non-dominant eye. Then when I need to read something I can just look downward and my non-dominant eye should be able to handle that too. You know reading rules, scorecards, etc... Saves changing glasses to read. We'll see how it works.!!
  10. New member & 9mm powders

    Hmmm... Well, yeah, sort of, I guess...?? Lexington, huh...... I'm not too far away and I go that way occasionally. I'll stop by some time and force you to get up and move... That'll do away with ONE of your excuses..!!
  11. New member & 9mm powders

    It's easy.... Start hanging around and making friends with other shooters. Talk about your craft. Discuss good, better, best... ways to do things. Have a couple of brews AFTER practice and matches with the buds. Before long, you will be shooting a LOT more and enjoying it a LOT more. Shooting acquaintances quickly morph into friends and similar interests tend to work together for mutual benefit. Above all... Have Fun.!!
  12. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    So... How did the match go.?? Or has it finished yet... (..???..)
  13. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    Your results sound like mine. I think you will discover that the dissonance you feel because of the different corrections in each eye will slowly abate. It took me about ten days (+/-..) to feel really comfortable. It is actually quite a normal response and easily overcome. Just ask folks who wear contacts for reading.. (one eye only..). Thanks for the update.!! Oh, the "jerk behind the trigger" thing.?? It has a way of working itself out.!!
  14. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    Let us know what you think.... I like mine but it's always good to get input from others. Did you order your correction the same as reading glasses... or did you intentionally move the focal distance out some.?? Your front sight is further out than you would normally hold reading material like a book or newspaper. This usually requires you to reduce the amount of correction some. For example, if your "normal" reading lenses are a 2.25 correction, then your correction for shooting glasses is about a 1.75 -- 2.0. Reducing the correction moves the focal distance out further from your eye. Just wondering how you decided on the amount of correction.??