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  1. LOK oversized palm swell Bogies *LOK GRIPS ROCK*

    Glad to pass this along guys. But now I need to buy 4 more of them.
  2. LOK oversized palm swell Bogies *LOK GRIPS ROCK*

  3. LOK oversized palm swell Bogies *LOK GRIPS ROCK*

    It is. But it's not on the website. You'll need to email LOK and ask for it.
  4. A month or so ago I started a thread about which CZ grips for big hands. I ended up sending an email to Jayson at LOK asking him about the palm swell Bogies compared to the stock palm swell CZ grips. He replied that they could make the Bogies 1/16" thicker if that's what I wanted. Anyways, they got here on Tuesday and holy crap they are perfect!
  5. CZ75 magwell?

    Does the CGW magwell work with TTI base pads?
  6. +10% Wolff mag springs

    As RigPig stated earlier it looks like I got the 170 springs. I'll cut 2 coils out of one and see if it works. If not I'll send the other 3 back.
  7. +10% Wolff mag springs

    I had to do the same with my M&P mags using Taylor extensions.
  8. +10% Wolff mag springs

    Makes sense, thanks man.
  9. +10% Wolff mag springs

    Yep, their 13 coils. What should they be?
  10. +10% Wolff mag springs

    I received my +10% Wolff springs and TTI +4 mag extensions for my SP-01 today. This are supposed to be going into Mec Gar 17 round AFC mags. After what looked and felt like 5 rounds in the octagon, I got one together. It only holds 15 rounds now. These springs are almost twice as long and a lot thicker than the stock springs. There is just no room for them to compress. Have any of you had to cut coils off of them to make them work?
  11. How does one go about getting one of the 40% off codes?
  12. I'm not on Facebook anymore.. I use a Shooters Connection belt with a Carbon Arms ratchet kit. I turn 55 later this year, and I just started in this game last year. Spending the cash on the Race Masters would be better spent on range time and ammo.
  13. I'm setting up a belt for a new pistol. Last years setup was just to get me started, I'd like to upgrade a bit now. I like the look of the adjustability of the 773's. Whether I'd use it or not remains to be seen.
  14. I've been using the Blade tech's for the last year and they have been fine. Would the Safariland 773 be enough of an upgrade to bother with? These would primarily be used for 3 gun.
  15. Which grips for big hands?

    I think I'm going to try some skateboard tape on the front & backstraps first. Hopefully this works because I really do love the factory grips. Their just a bit too small.