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  1. With AP customs gone...

    ODIN Works also has lightweight 308 handguards for both heights.
  2. Pistol Caliber Carbine. (PCC)

    Mike Foley said No to 30 Carbine on the USPSA forum. Only problem with that idea is that you typically end the stage at a position other than where you started. Then you clear it, put the flag in it, and walk back to the start of the stage to bag it. See my previous post. "Flag" means nothing to me. Nor does a chamber flag exist anywhere in my states criminal statutes. You point a gun at someone, loaded or not "chamber flag" or not you just broke the law. Period. You point it at me, "flag" or not you are gonna have consequences. It's a bummer this debate has come to this, but oh well. Im not going anywhere and I'm not gonna let anyone put me at risk for a game. Want to add a division, perhaps you should have had a little respect. Can jam it, and see what you get. Ultimo-Hombre, First let me say I don't care either way about this rule change so this posting isn't motivated by an opinion on the rule. I would never condone unsafe gun handling and don't think we should support unsafe gun handling in any sport. I also respect anyone's decision to avoid areas or matches where unsafe gun handling occurs. What bothers me though are people that make rash and wild statements that they can't back up with fact. I am also an Idaho resident and I think that you may have misspoken regarding your knowledge of the law. You said, " You point a gun at someone, loaded or not "chamber flag" or not you just broke the law. Period." you also said, " If USPSA dosnt penalize him, state statutes will. You point a gun at me, loaded or not you are breaking the law." and then you also said, "I am pretty confidant in my knowledge of my states legal statutes, and I don't have to put up with guys pointing rifles at me without recourse." I'd like to know what you're talking about by these "states legal statutes" that will penalize someone who unintentionally points a gun at someone. Also please elaborate on how the person who accidently points a gun at you at a match is "breaking the law?" I would agree that Idaho has a law that criminalizes unsafe gun handling that results in injury. However, that's not what you said and I'd like you to expound on your aforementioned statements regarding the law in Idaho. I'm fully aware of Idaho's brandishing statute that is titled "Exhibition Or Use Of A Deadly Weapon." Please don't bring it up, it doesn't apply as it requires intent. I'm also aware of Idaho's statute titled "Aiming Firearms At Others" and it also doesn't apply as it also requires intent. So please elaborate and specifically tell us what statute or law found in Idaho is going to do what you're saying it will do? I'd sincerely like to know.
  3. Versamax Malfunction Question

    I had the same problem. Assuming a cleaned and lubed gun I'd start with replacing the mag tube spring (around $5 for Nordic Components from Brownells). I run a 12 round tube and it wears springs out really fast. When the spring isn't strong enough it doesn't push shells out fast enough or far enough and they hang up.
  4. I just got in but now it is just spinning.
  5. I think I read somewhere that Charles wanted us to call him or email him. Has anyone done this?
  6. I can't log in to the 3 Gun Nation Website...I just keep getting this error. Oops! Looks like we had a misfire... We're very sorry, but an internal error occurred, and your request cannot be completed at this time.
  7. MGM Ironman: I Didn't Die!

    There are no other matches even in the same league as Ironman. The Hard As Hell match in St George, Ut, is pretty fun but doesn't have the round counts or the long range. The NW Multigun in Bend, Or, is also a fun 3 gun but no other match will compare after having shot Ironman. You will be disappointed for the rest of your life. You should probably go find a shrink that can prescribe you some kind of anti depression pills until you can shoot Ironman again next year. Good luck!
  8. AR Gold Trigger

    Here is a good review of the AR Gold Trigger
  9. Savage 110 Re-barrel suggestions

    If your gun is currently a 243 you'll need to buy a new bolt head if you leave that family size of cartridges. Depending on how old your gun is that could get complicated. If you didnt want to mess with bolt heads the easiest cartridges to rebarrel to would be 308, 7mm-08, 260, 243, etc.
  10. Sightron 1 X 7 scope

    Mark, the optics are as good as the Swaro. I have both scopes. The reticle does suck but new reticle in 2013 for the Sightron. Also, the Sightron only weighs 3.8 ounces more than the Swaro and you gain 1x on the top end. The Swaro has way better field of view, better reticle, and better illumination. It also costs at least $1700 more. The Sightron matches it in glass and tracking and bests it in magnification. The Sightron is fantastic for the price.
  11. Sightron 1 X 7 scope

    Read this.
  12. You should look at the Sightron 1-7. I have one and its amazing. In fact, when they come out with their newer reticle in 2013 I'll probably sell my Swaro 1-6. Optics planet has them for $689 with free shipping. It has true 1x on the bottom and 7x on top.
  13. ballistic android programs

    Applied Ballistics is made by the same guy who did Shooter but it was made specifically for Bryan Litz and it has reticle holdovers in it. It's very similar to Shooter. I would recommend either one.
  14. AR-15 Timney trigger vs AR Gold trigger

    Here's a comprehensive review of the AR Gold Trigger.