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  1. Good point. It's tempting to provide a small comment...but this is a good reminder not to.
  2. Thanks for all the good info.
  3. I've been reading the tutorial. It sounds fairly straight forward with minor fitting?
  4. Is that the best kit or should I consider a diff one for Production USPSA?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I didn't price it individually but it looked like a good option. I will probably call CGW about it.
  6. Has anyone tried this package from CGW or something similar? https://cajungunworks.com/product/75810-shadow-s-2-kit-bushing/
  7. I've done that before and sometimes it works and sometimes not. It's a large pain in the butt if you have stored a lot of passwords, etc. I'm hoping not to do it as right now, this forum is the only online problem I'm having. If I reset and clear cache, I know I will have to re-do many, many passwords.
  8. Welcome to the dark side! That looks like a nice Limited gun. Congrats. What are your bolt gun interests? You've got some great reloading & casting equipment. It sounds like you're military on deployment? If so, thanks for your service.
  9. That's a hassle for sure. Sometimes they are a real convenience...sometimes it is more trouble than its worth. Overall, it's been useful to me. The recent example I mentioned of me being out of town (and far from a bank) but wanting to make a large purchase on this forum is a good example of that.
  10. This hit me and I need to send mine back. I've had no issues with mine personally and I like it a lot. It's a big improvement over previous versions. Of course, any good Ruger Mk pistol is a real nice gun that will basically last forever if you don't abuse it. I know of many with over 100k through them. Some have much more.
  11. I just used it a few days ago to purchase a $3k Limited gun from this forum. It worked really well but that's because both parties were ok using it and I was out of town so that helped not to delay a transaction. I wouldn't go past your comfort level but it is possible if both parties understand the system. Sure there's risk but if someone is well established here, that helps with the credibility. Of course, the $ was real and showed up. You can transfer it that day or the next. I've bought 1/2 dozen things here recently with PP.
  12. It sounds like that's working for a lot of you. I just placed an order for them for my 1050. I resisted .40s for a long time and just went with 9mm or 45. I feel the dark side pulling on me.
  13. Just put them on and like them already. I look forward to a range session but will do some dry firing tonight. Good first impression so far. I prefer the palm swell to the thin factory grips. With the S2 being such a muzzle heavy gun, the thin grips weren't holding well for me. I also like the aggressive pattern of these new grips.
  14. Thanks Smitty. That's a great reply. From what I have read and listened to so far, that's about what I expected to hear. I do appreciate Anderson's mental game thoughts. I forgot to mention that I've been listening to both of their podcasts also. I found Ben's first and have listened to about the FIRST 15 or so. Because of Anderson's format, I've listened to the most RECENT 1/2 dozen. They are quite different from each other but I like that. If you can ignore (or enjoy) the off beat material then it's great. Personally, I like both of them and the stuff I don't like...I just ignore it. On their paid materials, I wouldn't have a problem paying more for them. They are priced right but worth far more than the cost. I can't imagine trying to advance competitively without having structure, mentoring and coaching. Even the truly gifted advance faster with all of that. The rest of us should pay even more attention to getting that.