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  1. Thanks for your reply. The only issue with noise would be practicing at home while others are studying, etc. The adjustable volume would also work. I'm surprised that more timers don't have adjustable volume or headphone jacks. I will check out the Pocket Pro.
  2. Thanks. I look forward to receiving mine in the next couple of months.
  3. Thanks for the replies.
  4. What do you think of the slide profile at the back? I wouldn't polish it either. Break it in.
  5. I'm looking for a shot timer that can be used with a headphone jack for dry fire training but is also suitable for range use. I don't want to use a phone app. I did an archive search but didn't see much. Any recommendations?
  6. It's been interesting to talk to gun shops across the country that do a lot of CZ biz. There's not a lot of clarity on shipping dates unless the guns are already enroute. I look forward to mine sometime in the next couple of months.
  7. I've been curious what the early adopters would change on their Shadow 2's. I'm looking forward to getting mine when it arrives in about 2 months (hopefully less). What kind of round count on these new guns so far? Any issues or is most of this preventative, customizing to your taste, etc?
  8. Thanks. I will give a call after getting mine in hand to see what's needed.
  9. Thanks for the link.
  10. I wondered if that movie was good. Adding it to my Netflix queue.
  11. While I didn't keep my DT-10, it was a very good gun. Nothing wrong with it as long as it fits you. I found that I shot just as well with my much cheaper Browning 725 Sporting so I sold the DT-10 and Blaser F3 and used those funds to buy other guns. The fit and finish on the DT-10 is pretty amazing.
  12. Took a couple of days to read through the whole topic but some pretty hairy stuff. Let's see...things you only do once...using the biggest knife in the drawer to open the pesky mac n' cheese box...crossing an electric fence by holding down the top wire with the watermelon you're eating...when you have a bad case of the flu and you're dizzy, don't jump for the bed (you might break the bay window with your face)...when your dad tells you not to drive across the pond on the ATV and you do it anyway (twice)...when that ATV quits running don't kick the engine with your tennis shoe (broken big toes hurt a lot)...if you're going to skip school while living at home, don't borrow your mom's car and then flip it into the ditch...had to call dad on that one and explain why the car was upside down facing towards town instead of towards school (dad put part of that car in my bedroom for awhile)...don't fall off motorcycles or horses into cactus...if your sister is on the go-kart and won't share, don't stomp on the accelerator breaking the linkage...just don't.
  13. Curious to hear more about that. I didn't see the tune package listed at your website yet.
  14. Good to know. I didn't think it would fit but hadn't heard till now. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the replies so far. It's good to hear what options are coming available. Anyone tried their Shadow 2 in a SP-01 holster to see how it fits?