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  1. I forget what model it was. I don't think it was the new one tho and this happened right around this time last year. Worst experiece ever. There really wasn't any excuse why they couldn't give me a CED timer of equal value. Instead they screwed menright at the start of the season.
  2. I had one and it worked fine for about 6 months then it started to have problems. I didn't expect it to be perfect and it was under warrentee so I got in contact with DAA and CED. I got the run around because DAA kept saying they couldn't find anyone to manufacture the watch blah blah blah and kept telling me that they should be ready to replace my watch next month then next month.... 4 months later they finally replaced my watch and I sold it once I got the replacement. After that I won't buy anything electronic from DAA. Hopefully they fixed the bugs but take it for what it's worth. I had to spend another $200 bucks that could have been spent on primers, bullets, powder but had to buy a replacement timer because at the time I didn't know when they would be sending a replacement. Very frustrating.
  3. I'm an A class shooter who's going to be knocking on the door of master by the end of the summer but my footwork need improvement. Other than bringing a camera to video dryfire and live fire practice entry and exit drills, what else are you guys doing to work on your footwork?
  4. Building a 3G gun and wondering if anyone has any experience or would recommend these parts listed in the title. I already have have an adjustable gas block for whatever bcg and buffer system I go with. Any help would be great.
  5. Wow. Fast responses lol
  6. Title says it all. I need a 22 trainer for my 2011 limited gun. Anyone have any experience with this?
  7. I love this! This sounds like a great dryfire drill
  8. In my videos I'm taking when I go to the range I'm not "riding the recoil" when I transition to the next target. For example on my second shot on a target I'm waiting for the gun to settle on the target I just shot and then transitioning to the next target. What can I do to help fix this? I know I can shave off at least a tenth of a second in transition time by fixing this problem.
  9. Im very slowly putting together a 3G rifle and was wondering what BCGs are guys running. Ive seen really expensive ones for $450+ and was wondering if its really worth spending all that money. Also would buying a light weight BCG force me to buy a crazy expensive bolt also or can I get away with a regular bolt that head spaces? Also what are you guys running as far as buffer systems? All .223 caliber.
  10. Went from a 550 to a 650 for pistols but I had crazy great consistency loading rifle with my 550. I just don't shoot a ton of rifle compared to pistol so it made sense to make the switch. Havent started loadimg 308 or 3006 but I'm crazy anal about my OAL for both. +- .005 is the most ill take for loading my 308. I could get that no problem with my 550 all day long but even loading pistol with the 650 I'm taking a hit in OAL in exchange for speed. Obviously I want consistency with my 308 loads. Anyone have ang any problem achieving this? What cheap single stage press would you guys recommend that gets great consistency?
  11. Great .005-.007. I'm really disappointed in the lack of consistency I'm getting tho. My 550 was +- .003 MAX. The 650 is +- .006. It sucks loading for major and flirting with how long I can load before the bullet is shoved into the lands and starts causing pressure issues.
  12. Found out the problem and just like I figured, 100% complete user error. Just embarrassing. The little clip that spits out a live round was under the shell plate screw. Just embarrassing, but I swear I'm safe on the range! Lol
  13. So my dies are tight and so is the shell plate. I screwed the plate all the way tight then backed off 1/16 of a turn like I've read on the forum. I'm loading 40 and looking for a window of 1.175-1.178 is acceptable. When I set the die I'm only putting one shell in the shell plate to get it set. Once it is set, I load the entire plate with cases to make sure everything is set properly. Once I verify it, I start loading. Once I check a couple rounds I'm getting spreads from 1.168-1.180. Wtf? I called Dillon and they said .020 is acceptable in their manual. Wtf because I had a 550 and that sucker was spot on. Also, sometimes I would load a single round to check and see (with an empty shell plate) and it would seat the bullet all the way in the case? Any help would be great.