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  1. So you do have to fill out paperwork even tho the gun is off the books?
  2. If I were to take a 80% lower and finish it myself to make an off the books gun, could I also make it into a 10" sbr without filling out paper work?
  3. Thanks guys
  4. I HATE the word tactical. I refuse to go into any store or look on any website if it has the word "tactical" attached.
  5. You come to the end of the course and you have to make a hard lean around a baracade to shoot the last target. You shoot twice as your leaning out of the shooting area and right as your foot hits the ground to catch you from falling over you fire the 3rd shot and it ends up on the target. Now no one knows where it hit on the target so how do you score it? There are a total of 3 holes on target. Can you give me the rule number also in the book?
  6. I've always used FRN and it works fine but was at a match where a guy shooting limited was using hollow point extremes. What are the pros/cons?
  7. That doesn't answer the question
  8. So I'm at the range and I shot a guys open 9mm steel gun and it was really sweet. But this guy didn't have a comp on his gun and I asked why before I shot it. Then I shot his bunny fart loads and I noticed very minimal dot movement. So I don't understand why open guys shoot a higher velocity bullet to work the comp when they can just run crazy low bunny fart loads like this guy at steel matches.
  9. Sorry for the stupid question but I know the evo grip is new and didn't know if the dementions changed. Just wanted to make sure and none of the online retailers know. I'm still waiting on DAA but I'm impatient.
  10. Lol your Matt the GM! This is Nick Reynolds
  11. Hey! I am right down the road from lower prov. I go to new holland, ountelaunee and southern Chester.
  12. I didn't know they were there till i opened the box and saw them. They were proven and worked in all my 9mms. No they were not exposed to moisture. Im not sure if the oal was the same because I know I have tweeked the oal over time.
  13. I shot some 2 year old 9mm hand loads last week and it didn't even cycle the slide. The load was proven and I've shot thousands of them but these wouldnt even cycle the slide. they were 115 lead bullets with 4.2 gr of WSF
  14. Just got my grip in the mail and it has no chance of fitting on this stripped lower I bought. I have to remove material to fit but didn't know if this was normal or not.