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  1. Any updates on progress? I was really interested in "building" a CZ open gun based on the SA platform but my "building" would be a much more plug and play process - and it seems like the biggest hurdle is the comp, correct? No real drop ins and no CZ smiths that do this kind of work? I've been following a few of these CZ open gun builds and looking at parts on CZ USA and CZ custom. I like this one the most though, bottom dollar!
  2. How are the magwells on the X series? And any updates on the shootability of the platform?
  3. How is the recoil on these Q5's? I've heard the PPQ can be a bit more snappy than other polymer guns, and felt that way about my P99 before I sold it. Also are y'all still playing with the spring rates? I know of a 48N rated rod from BT Guide rods, and Yellow/White Sprinco springs. I want to say there is some Glock compatibility but can't guarantee that, and still haven't heard of any non captured guide rods. How's everything working out?
  4. Locking block might help.
  5. Kula, I would suggest what Southpaw mentioned above. New locking block and slide stop should run around $30, as opposed to selling the gun which usually leads to a loss.
  6. Any follow up? I've heard of welding Glock barrels, and I remember seeing the service offered on Bill Springfield's website. I have not seen any in person or read too many reviews. I do however have a Glock 17 that does not group as well as my Glock 34 (both stock barrels "fit" feel about the same) so I am interested in hearing your outcome Kulaglock. I think the slide lock and locking block are more important than the recoil spring but I could be wrong.
  7. I will measure it tomorrow and report here...25 yard accuracy??? did you watch the video? Five, 5 shot groups at 25 yards were within. Thanks for the offer, but no worries - a friendly forum member has already messaged me the specifications on the grip! I did watch the entirety of your video (and saw those awesome 2" groups) that's why I stated "if... any have also tested" to ask other forum members to share their experiences haha. More information is better right? *Wink*
  8. Thanks for that review Patrick! I have an odd question for those of you who own these - what's the true width of the grip? The website says 1.4" but I bet that's considering the safeties and/or the slide stop. Also if any of y'all have also tested the accuracy at 25 yards, please share. I have yet to see any of these in the wild so I'm a bit in the dark here.
  9. I agree with the above. I owned a VP9 for around a month and managed a few "good" classifiers with it but I ultimately sold it. Had it had the above, I would still have it. Probably two. I'd need to be able to purchase match springs though too - striker, recoil, firing pin stop, what have you in different spring rates.
  10. I'll cast another vote for the 9MM version!