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  1. My 625 load is 3 grains wst 255 bayou 630fps 160 power factor
  2. tested some loads with 3gr wst 255gr bayou oal1.250 they avg 655 fps out of my 625 for a 167 pf very soft .
  3. Seeing if anyone has load data for the bayou 255 gr going to try them in my 625
  4. It going to be there again next year from what i was told.
  5. Seth if the sale on the 650 does not go though let me know Thanks Joel B.

  6. Jeff you are so right on the cost of working a match this year republic of texas match took 3 day away from work a 100 mile a day commute for 6 days when it was a 1 day match and entry was only 125. Buy they are using one of my stages at the national.
  7. It was a good match I will be back next yr, thanks to all the SO's and staff now on to the nat.
  8. the funny thing is the stage was designed by their area coordinator . Not so funny I got home but our guns did not F_-- sw airline hope the show up or i will be having to regear up for Nat's.
  9. Good match now back to a hot Texas
  10. Yep will be there around noon
  11. Cool i see we are both in squad 1
  12. Heading up thurs morning to shoot the match and see my son at JBLM was told they are having a heat wave hi of 91 low of 56 . At out 3gun match it was 95 at 7:30 last sat with a hi around noon of 100 look forward to some cooler shooting weather, anyone on here going ?
  13. Was able to see it around 5pm but not now
  14. Yes it sucks not being able tosee the classifieds adds but it will save me $$$$$ spent around 4K last 2 years buying 6 guns and lots of loading and 3gun stuff .
  15. Shot my first match wed.night with the 686ssr had one other revolver shooter a sharpshooter he only got me by 1.44sec. We also bet 4 bottom feeders. Got to practice my reloads they suck .