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  1. Great looking Open Gun. I have a CK Arms Open 9 Major and thinking about getting one in 38 super. The more I shoot mine the better it gets. Did you order this from Bobby or get it from a dealer online?
  2. Have you looked at CK Arms 9 major Open Guns. Shooters Connection has quite a few in stock. I have one with the steel grip and I really enjoy shooting it.
  3. I did check Blade-Tech and notice that they did not show one available at this time. That is why I asked if anyone was making one at this time. I place my order for the CZ Shadow 2 this morning at Shooters Connection and was wanting a holster for it. Thanks to all for your input.
  4. Thank you folks. PM Sent
  5. Can anyone tell me who is making a holster for the CZ Shadow 2 at this time. Thanks
  6. I would like to see some pictures of the gun also. As I said earlier in the post I have three CK Arms handguns and two Freedom Gunworks handguns which shoot great and the finish on the guns looks pretty good to me. I would guess that this is your first high end handgun. I said the same thing when I left the Glocks and begun purchasing higher end handguns. The first ones were STI's and each one had to be tweaked a little to get them to run just right.
  7. I have three CK Arms handguns and all have been running flawlessly. You might want to give Bobby a call and talk to him about the issue you are having. I have spoken to Bobby on several occasions and he has always been very helpful to me.
  8. Got the information I needed.
  9. You can also get 9 Major ammo from JJR Ammo. At this time they show it on backorder.
  10. I just purchased a new Sig P320 Full Size .40 cal. and looking at replacing the sights. I was looking at ordering Truglo TFX Pro sights. If I am understanding which sights to order it looks like I should go with the #6 front/#8 rear. Would this be correct. Thanks.
  11. It was an excellent match and look forward going back to CASA in October for the Fall Brawl.
  12. During our match today I tried using the Dillon case lube before starting the first stage and after each stage. When I went to clean the gun this evening I must say it did a pretty good job making it much easier to clean my comp. I plan to keep doing this in the future. Thanks for the tip.
  13. That is a great looking handgun. One of my shooting buddies just received his and not only does it look great it felt great in my hand. Loved the grips.
  14. Shot this stage this afternoon: Gun - CK Arms Hardcore Open 9 Major Division - Open B Time - 25.87 Points - 113 HF - 4.3680