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  1. Does the gun with the new spring set-up still run your Freedom Munitions loads? If so, you can eliminate the spring as being an issue and look to your ammo. If not, then continue to address the springs. A couple years ago I switched ammo and altered my grip at the same time, and started to have stovepipe issues. I really wanted to blame the ammo but it turned out my new grip caused my weak hand thumb to ride the slide which resulted in the failures to eject. I currently run a 14lb recoil spring, lightened striker spring, and 135 grain Bayous at 133 PF w/o any issues.
  2. Double Alpha RangePack, medium sized. 2 years old. No sagging. Great backpack that has room enough for both mine and my wife's stuff.
  3. Mine came as the 5.25 model.
  4. My wife has an XDm 5.25 in 9mm and an STI Edge in .40. She shoots the XDm far better, and enjoys shooting it more, than the STI. The STI is just too big for her hands. I own several other XDms and they never have issues. I would recommend one w/o hesitation.
  5. Thanks. Got one ordered!
  6. Is this a drop in part or does it need to be fitted and polished?
  7. What do these weigh in comparison to the factory plastic pads?
  8. I have had that issue on an aftermarket guide rod too. Push down on the slide just in front of the chamber and it should come off.
  9. The story reads that the lawsuit petition was written by the plaintiff and has not been served. No judges or lawyers involved at this point.
  10. Is this kit reliable with all primers, or are you restricted to using only Federal primers?
  11. Other than changing my grip, is there a way to consistently get the slide to lock open on these guns?
  12. Has this product been added to the Springfield Catalog as an OEM part yet? Would love for this to be Production legal.
  13. 1/16 roll pin is too small and will not work. The pin is 5/64; but good luck finding a pin/roll pin that size. As a follow-up on my last post, the slide was send off to Springfield after Area 3 and was back at my home with a completely new rear sight in 12 calendar days.
  14. The pin is the same size as the pin that holds the loaded chamber indicator on. Mine just broke and there was no time to send it off to SA prior to Area 3. I pulled the loaded chamber pin off another XDm and it fit perfectly (.078 diameter). The loaded chamber pin does not have a detent in the center of the pin so I put a drop of lock-tite on each end of the pin to hold it in place. So far, it is holding up fine. After Area 3 I will send the slide off to SA to get the correct pin installed.