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  1. HI, Go to S&W directly they will help you out.
  2. HI, Check the rules on the 38 short colt for IDPA out of the 38/357, it may be an issue.
  3. I have got to add this, I love Big Butts. There is more to hold on too!!!!! I got one made by Pat after Revo Nationals. Just shot my first match with it. Loved it. It just makes a fast draw easier! Thanks again Pat!
  4. Hey all, Looking to turn mag release around, can you do that without taking the trigger apart?
  5. Live fire as much as you can afford---
  6. I wonder how many staffers there are that shoot the match and if they are included in this count?
  7. Hi, I think you should be trying to get to a 130 PF as your rounds will never corno the same at any given match. If you are sub-minor----thats bad! TG is a hot powder and you may get more leading than say E3 or V310, V320. Solo seems to be popular around MN. The shorter OAL the more pressure you'll get. I bet DC has a load he'd share, I don't mean to speak for him though---
  8. How do I get one in Super? Will it work in the 627?
  9. I'm in for that, SSR and CDP. What a great idea! Saves my gun from being a safe queen.
  10. My Friend Duke, just told me he solved his sticking issue by using a under sizing die. His load is with TG and Berry bullet at a 138 PF with no problem ejecting.
  11. I have just heard from a Friend here in MN that he is having a sticking issue and it ceased up. He said he was using titegroup with a 147gr bullet, 135Pf. Any thoughts?
  12. OK, It is clear to me that only 38 spl can be used in my S&W 67. I did like the idea of grinding of the SPL though.
  13. I was just informed by A0000000003 that you can't use 38 short colt in a 38spl. Can anyone point out the rule for that? Thanks
  14. On the end cap. I have had a .357 and a 38 super, the cap is just a "crap catcher". But if I cut it off the 38 super, I won't be able to shoot open in ICORE with the thing. Does anyone have a cleaning solution? It's good to hear that my worries about the rounds backing out is unfounded. There is one for sale here, I think it won't be for long. Thanks!