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  1. I don't disagree that we have lots to observe besides blindly staring at the gun, nor that it can be easy to tell when a shooter obviously misses a target. None of that however is relevant to the paper target scoring procedure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don't recall anything in the rule book which provides guidance on RO's determination of what a shooter was doing during the run for scoring. Targets are scored at the target. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Some additional details (and one correction) 1st sat - johnson county jcssa.com for directions/detail. right at 1 hr travel time from DFW airport. 2nd sat - ETTS near maypearl dallaspistol.com 1hr 20 min travel time from DFW 3rd sat - Waco www.ctrp-ipsc.org 2 hrs from DFW 3rd sunday - cresson ctuspsa.com 1 hr from dfw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 5.6 gr N320 zero JHP SRP @1.165 for my 6" AET barrel runs 171 pretty consistently -424D57
  5. This post may be the only redeeming quality this thread could possibly offer. Bravo! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Depends on the stage at PASA. Have shot in that darkhouse with low light - enough to see where to go but targets are washed out in the background and fibre is barely visible, have also shot stages there which are pitch black and start position includes a flashlight tethered to your wrist- easy to make out targets and your path with the flashlight, but the only feedback you get from sights is the negative image when sights return against a backdrop of muzzle flash.
  7. In addition to the disconnecter (middle) leg of the leaf spring and gummed up trigger bow channel mentioned above, check the shape of the bow and make sure it's not catching on mags (or some mags) when inserted. Could have a bow out of shape or some fat mags (or both). Super easy to miss. -424D57
  8. Sti trigger shoe will be pretty sloppy in the channel cut for the larger SV. Would annoy me but don't see any reason to suspect functional problems.
  9. After ~45 days using the CoC #1 as specified by the CoC book, I'm not sure I can quantify the difference in the way the gun shoots as far as combating recoil. There may be some difference, or it may just take a lower % of strength to maintain the same behavior on the pistol, resulting in less tension. That said, there's no doubt my ability hold the sights steady through a less than perfect trigger pull has been pretty significantly improved. -424D57
  10. Should also be noted if you're scared of the aggressive or tried a friend's and found it a little too sharp, PT will bead blast an aggressive texture just enough to take the edge off. Perfect balance for my wife and daughter who didn't like the idea of bleeding all over their new grips. -424D57
  11. We have standard aluminum on the Mrs' open blaster and aggressive on my limited. When she first saw the aggressive she said it was way to much and she only wanted standard texture, but I think in retrospect she might have gone for aggressive after-all. While the standard is nice, I'm not sure its a huge improvement over skate tape and its no where near as locked in your grip as the aggressive. You can also go for a middle of the road option; PT will be happy to bead-blast an aggressive grip to take the edge off a bit; this is what the Mrs' next open build will get. Its still very grippy, but not quite as likely to rip your hand open if you have to adjust your grip on a bad draw/table start. -424D57
  12. Wife and I both ran USPcs for a while, and she ran a P30LS for a bit. Never any issues -425D57
  13. Results varied by mag of course. Some wouldn't drop free before tuning. 2 or 3 tubes I got an extra round after tuning - some capacity due to tube reshaping, some due to fixing drastically out of spec feed lips (too close together). Some tubes just had feed reliability issues that I cleaned up (mostly due to feed lip problems). After the first 10 mags or so I couldn't tell you what problems I fixed, because I just started tuning the mags as soon as they showed up before even trying to use them. Besides my personal mags, I've had a couple friends who were ready to take a dremel to their feed ramp on 2011s that "won't feed _____ bullet profile" or "always nose dive short rounds" whose issues were instantly fixed by adjusting the feed lips to the specs in the dawson video. I'm certainly not disagreeing with anyone here who says they can do the same work with cheaper tools, but these tools work very well and combined with the video to get dimensions straight from a pro I don't have any complaints with the value. -424D57
  14. Edge + HC + Fiber front = Executive Anecdotally, the few Executives I've touched were tighter and cleaner fit than the few Edges I've touched. Have absolutely no way to know if they actually give more attention to the Executives or if it was just luck of the draw. -424D57
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