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  1. I have an AR with a MRO that I sometimes use for three gun. I'm trying to lighten it up. It has a titan comp on it now, but it's heavy. Is there a smaller and lighter comp that works as a flash suppressor and comp? Just wondering what others have use for a multi purpose rifle. And btw I do have a dedicated scoped 3 gun rifle. Thanks
  2. Jager guide rod, now a #20 lb spring and Dawson adjustable sights.
  3. Looks like a nice pistol. Glad I held of purchasing a Shadow.
  4. Trigger wouldn't be allowed either
  5. I just got a steel guide rod for my G20? What is the recommended recoil spring weight? Thanks
  6. Welcome to the forums!!
  7. I echo that. My lgs had one in that they were doing a transfer on. I think I drooled on it awesome gun
  8. Titan how did you get a 3.5 pull. I don't have a gauge, but mine isn't close to that. I installed my Trigger had no problems other than when I put the new roll pin in I knocked the pin out that goes through the assembly. Took me awhile to figure out where the little spring that fell out went. I would say it did what Bruce indicated in the video. I would guess it's now 4.5 -5 lbs. Its going to the range tonight
  9. Thanks Alma. I was thinking it was getting a Grays Trigger job like the Legions. I actually ordered one of their drop in triggers. I'll report out on how it works once it shows up.
  10. And Matt how are you scoring the shooting portion. Like three gun with FTE and FTH with time penalties. I was discussing it with my buddies, but we couldn't find anything. Thanks .
  11. So has the FCU on the X5 been tuned to lighten the trigger pull or is it the same as what is in the existing 320s, but with a straight trigger?? I was hoping it was ready for competition. That would impact my decision to purchase.
  12. Thanks Alma
  13. Anyone know if the new X5 will fit existing 320 holsters? I assume so, but thought I would ask.
  14. Sounded like both help the trigger pull from the video
  15. SC, that was my thought as well. At least it is barstock and super easy to DIY