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  1. And think about the poor RO at level 2 matches trying to keep track of what parts are legal.
  2. + 1 on loc palm swell. They are awesome. I have them on my Accu Shadow and need to order another set for my back up so-01
  3. Crash right now its 2-3 matches a month. I was dryfiring 2x a week using Steve Anderson drills till it warmed up. I know I need to dryfire more, it's just finding the time. My Area 5 results were as follows: Points shot 88.5% Points Shot w/penalty 81.42 finish 78/107 48% of the match % I had some really good stages for me (Hign 30s and low 40s finish place), but then I blew up on some stages as well. And Jack I can look and sound great as well
  4. There is a recall on the Mk4. I would encourage you to see if yours is part of it.
  5. I just got my Loc grips today. They rock!!
  6. I prefer a one day format. Survived Area 5 with 15. Though I was dragging
  7. I'm going to try to speed up transitions and move quicker and shoot more accurate. I'll let you know how it works out
  8. I am just an C class shooter. Classifier scores are getting near close to B class. I shot the Buckeye Blast last weekend (production) and was looking at the results. I think I am trying to go too fast and giving up too many Cs. What would a B shooter have as far as % of A zone hits. I was at A - 69% C - 23% I think I need to work on getting more points. Heading to Area 5 this weekend and want to try a new plan of attack. Thoughts
  9. After area 5 I'm going to start shooting CO. Got the CZ ready to go. I'm looking forward to the dot with old eyes
  10. I would say bring your rain gear. I'm sure they'll shoot if at all possible. Pouring rain or lightening would be a big hinderance though. I'm doing my sun dance for Sunday
  11. Checked my col. with 147 bayou 1.127 and that passes the plunk test
  12. Whoops typo I meant 1.12. I'll check them tonight. Your right I don't think 1.2 would fit in the mag
  13. I am close to rocket on my SP-01 Load. 3.1 Gr titegroup with 147 bayou, I think my COL is just over 1.2
  14. Honestly though isn't every division an arms race anyway?