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Brownells Flip Up Sights


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Go cheap. Why?

These are just back up sights for emergencies. That's it. I don't experience many emergencies in my life.

If you want competitive irons for Limited, then buy top quality fixed irons installed on a dedicated upper, and don't rely on an expediant flip up.

Does an M-40 Sniper rifle have back-up irons? Does an issue Barret? Sure - but how often are they needed? Besides, we all started with irons so we know how to use them. I have cheap YHMs on my gun, true, but I still train/shoot 99% of the time using plan A (optic) and 1% back up sights (I zeroed them & left them there for emergencies).

Magpull's sight looks like an excellent option.

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Chevy Truck?? I guess I just am not too impressed that it survived a nice wide tire running it over. In years past there was a great picture of a guy named Mike Echanis ( a well know martial artist ) being driven over by a CJ-5 jeep; front tire entirly on his stomach. I guess if Mike could do enough situps to toughen up his mid-section a nice chunck of plastic should be able to do the same! BTW a H&K mag survied a Dodge 2500 Diesel truck running it over....well the back tire and the finish suffered, I still use the mag, but I don't put stuff onn the tire anymore....well except for the "last" cell phone :lol:

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I do like the idea that the back up sight is the one that doesn't lose poa, doesn't fog or get handled carefully, is relied upon to get your A$$ out of a jam when your primary (optic) lets you down, and still allows you to hit your target at reasonably long distances as well as being being the BEST close range sight.

Sorry for the thread drift......................................

Flip up sights are not the best for precision use, their very nature of allowing them to flip means they are "loose"

If you want sights suitable for 3gun, get detachable, if you want to be able to remove them, later. If the flip sights are intended to be secondary to an optic, or strictly for close range then they will probably be suitable.


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