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Nosler 60gr Ballistic Tips


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Anybody try these yet? The ballistics look good and the trajectories are just about dead on with the BT 55gr.

The ballistics calculator says they match the BDC in the TA11 at 3100fps. Nosler has a load listed a 3136 on their website from the .223 Rem.

I'm curious to try them out. Get a bit more energy at 300+ and still shoot like a 55gr.

223 Remington

60 gr. Partition® & 60 gr. Ballistic Tip®

Primer: Remington 7-1/2

Ballistic Coefficient: PT .228 BT .270

Sectional Density: .171

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I loaded up 25.0 of AA2230 and got a 10 shot average of 3015 with the 60 grain B-Tips's and my JP 1-8 18" barrel.

I'm going to try 26.0 of AA2520 and see what I get. 3100 would be nice, but not sure if its obtainable. I'll be happy with 3150.

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I think the Nosler 60gr BT will do what you want as far as more energy at 300. The PArtition being flat based will not have the BC you require.

However you may struggle to get the 3100fps to duplicate the BDC of your ACOG in a shorter than 20" barrel.

I have got up to 3250fps using Varget in a 24" fast twist varminter. But in a 18" rifle I have never got more than 3020fps. Regardless of the powder charge.

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chris-what kind of accuracy did you get with the 60 NBT'sm out to 300?

Never got to shoot them out to 300. Best group I got out of them was about 2" at 200 off a bench with my ACOG.

I was getting some weird velocity spreads too, like 75fps. Not sure what that is all about. Loaded with 26.4 of AA2520 gave me about 3050fps.

I shot some 55 NBT's today and they rock! 1.25" or so at 200 yards off a bench with an ACOG. 25.0 AA2230, 3100fps.

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