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And to complete their screwup trifecta: citi courts foreign investors

Citigroup is also expected to turn to wealthy foreign governments again and announce the sale of a $12.5 billion stake to the Kuwait Investment Authority and several others, including Prince Walid bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, people briefed on the situation said. In November, the company sold a $7.5 billion stake to a Middle Eastern fund, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.
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Yes, and the money I made by selling off some music equipment and a pistol, I used to pay off my shiti card and close the account despite the offer of adding another $500 to the limit. The funds were earmarked for the Fl open and another SP01 from another forum member, but the crap had to stop somewhere. Goodbye and good riddance, and my conscience is clear. No more interest earned on this man's back.

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what a shame. Thankfully my mortgage is with bank of america

Dont get all revved up about BOA as they are just as anti as the rest, they just havent let it be known. They may be a Charlotte NC based bank but they are full of the same upper crust northeast libs that run the other banks in this country. I quit working with BOA years ago, Now all my banking is thru credit unions.

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