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Getting Close 5" fat free


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Getting close to finishing my 5" fat free. Used a STI tactical slide frame, nowlin bushing barrel, standard recoil spring/plug no guide rod. weighs in at 34oz. Will shoot it in the white for awhile until I'm sure I'm done with it.

Thanks to everyone who answered questions and offered advice through the build

Wish everyone great Holiday!

Edited it today. added pics, also shot it. It is amazing soft in recoil. I also used the short radius firing pin stop idea.

Basically any good Idea I agreed with over last year on the forum I incorporated into this gun.



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Thanks for compliments.

Stirrup cuts were done with wood dowels 3/8" & 1/2" with sand paper wrapped around it.

Slide cut was on a mill with 3/8" two flute end mill with cutting head at 20degrees tilt, cut .060 deep about halfway through the slide at the thin part. Then a 5/16 center drills for rest of the holes front and rear.

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I decided to give it a quick finish. This is just Oxyo-Blue. Everything is done except for hole for Bomar. Didn't have a 6X48 tap on hand.

Again thanks everybody for help and advice. Especially my Mill guy!!!!!!! He dosesn't like the look of rear holes. However I'm OK with them.

Another friend tested the trigger, 2.5lbs

Got about $1750.00 in it with 4 mags.




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