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NROI Class - March 29-30, 2008


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The crew from Greenport Tactical/Midwest Gun Club announce an NROI Level 1 class:

Sat/Sun, March 29-30, 2008

Canton, OH

Canton is about ... 45 miles south of Cleveland, 2 hours from Columbus, 4 hours from Cincinnati, 2.5 hours from Pittsburgh, 2.5 hours from Erie PA and ~4 hours from Detroit.

This weekend is the one AFTER Easter and, as the fifth weekend of the month, should not conflict with most club match schedules. I haven't seen any large regional matches scheduled that weekend (yet). Mark your calendars now!

Classroom facility for Saturday is very close to many hotels, restaurants, and Interstate 77.

Range for Sunday is about 10 miles down the pike (www.gta.dynalias.org).

Specifics will be posted as we know them. Estimated course cost ~$65-75/person (might be less), depending upon some arrangements that have yet to be finalized.

NROI students must be USPSA members.

Any questions, contact me or Adam (aka: Tactical Timmy).


(Mods: if this needs to be in a different category, please advise. Thanks.)

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New Year's bump. :cheers:

Thanks, Ryan. You're one step ahead of me (0111AM, good grief!)

As above, class is March 29 & 30, Canton OH.

Instructor is Jay Worden.

Cost $40

Checks payable to Greenport Tactical Association.

Please PM me for registration form or other questions. I'll see if I can just attach the form here later today.

Classroom, lodging & range all close to Interstate 77, exits 111/109; and I-77 @ Rte 30 interchange.

Good opportunity to do the RO class before the competition season heats up.

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I've had several requests for hotel, etc, info ... so here it is:

Classroom session on Saturday is in The Lodge at the Gander Mountain store, I-77, exit 111


Range on Sunday at Greenport Tactical Association, 5169 Greenport Ave SE, Canton OH

www.gta.dynalias.org. Distance between the two is ~15 miles. One ‘country store’ near range for food/take-out.


I-77, Akron-Canton airport (CAK) exit: Hilton Garden Inn

I-77, exit 111: “The Strip”; MANY restaurants, gas stations

Hotels: Motel 6, Microtel

I-77, exit 109: Belden Village Mall

Hotels: (Marriott) Residence Inn, Fairfield, Courtyard; (Choice Hotels) Quality Inn, Comfort Inn; Red Roof

There is no specific ‘class hotel’, but there are lots of choices with good access to the Interstate highway, restaurants, and the classroom and range.

Any questions, PM me. Thanks.

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Some spaces still available.

PM me for application form.

This class is on a 'fifth weekend', so no/minimal interference with anyone's match schedules. Get this done before the competition season gets busy.

And a side note to y'all who've been 'meaning' to come shoot with us in Canton ... c'mon down ...

Sunday, April 6

Registration ~0930

Lead flies 1000

Match fee $20

Probably 4-5 stages + classifier

Great things planned this year, come see them early before the crowds get big!

Fran & Adam

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Ok, after just buzzing the IN section coordinator about class info I searched and found this. If I can't find a class that's closer and sooner I am going to make this one.

I live in Louisville, KY. If anyone wants to carpool and/or split hotel room costs, please pm me.

Thanks, Dom

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Sunny Sunday bumpity! FranDoc is out of town for the weekend but I'm pretty sure there are still slots available for this class. If you are interested please contact Fran about getting in.

There's still time!!!


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We have a space or two available.

If you're thinking of joining us for this, please let me know ASAP. I need registrations IN HAND by March 15. The final 'head count' goes into NROI the following Monday.

Thanks to all who have registered. We look forward to seeing you.


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