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Veterans Day / New Citizens

Flatland Shooter

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Just saw on the news that 178 men and women in uniform became Naturalized Citizens while serving in Iraq. Its reported that this is the largest ever swearing in ceremony for military personnel at a foreign location.

These fine folks volunteered to serve a country that was not yet "theirs". They willingly risk their lives for this country and that indicates to me they value being a US Citizen far more than the typical American.

Good job to each of them and be safe.


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I am attending my swearing in ceremony tommorrow, (originally from England been here close on 15 years) and one of the oaths you take during the the interviewing process is that they ask are you willing to bear arms to protect this great nation? It is a need for an american citizen to agree to do so, it's unconsitutional not too!!

I suggest that if there are any native born citizens that are not willing they should renounce their right to american citizenship, don't want to protect it, don't live here.post-10068-1194915648.jpg


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