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Looking For Load Data With Titegroup And 200gr


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I don't know if I would be comfortable shooting Titegroup in a 40 with a 200 gr. bullet.

Titegroup is a little fast for that bullet IMHO.

I wouldn't recommend going any faster than N320 with a 200.

There are a lot of folks out there that shoot Titegroup with a 180.

I shoot the Montana Gold 200 with N340 and I am working up a load with N330.

What powder are you currently using?


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Hodgdon published data calls 3.8 gr Titegroup a max load with the 200 gr Hornady HAP bullet at 1.125" OAL.

If you are determined to try this, I would back off to about 3.6 and work up from there.

Even with a 1.175 OAL I would not go beyond 4.0

I personally love Titegroup and use it extensively with my 45 loads.

I still don't think I would put it behind a 200 gr bullet in a 40.

Others may disagree but I think this is pushing the envelope a bit.

Such a load may be viable but it shrinks your margins for error.

There are ways to get yourself in trouble if you aren't very cautious.

For example, some shooters on this forum have reported that Titegroup tends to be temperature sensitive.

It is now January.

A load developed in winter may be perfectly safe but may go over pressure in the summer heat.

Take care.


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I tried it but wasn't to impressed with it. The slide cycled REALLY slow. 4.4 grains TG under a 200 grain Berry's FP loaded to 1.24 OAL. Tested these rounds in June. PF of 169.

The usual disclaimers apply. Developed in my gun. YMMV!!!

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