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I doubt you can get enough TB in a 40 case to make Major, but I have not tried it.


I use Trail Boss for reduced load .44 magnums and I agree with others. I doubt you can get enough in the case to make major. My .44 special loads in .44 magnum cases darned near fill the case, which is why I use Trail Boss. It's not certain to be true for other calibers, but I could not load enough in a magnum case to make magnum velocities if I had to.

Also note that Trail Boss is designed for cast lead bullets. Jacketed bullets have more friction when passing through the barrel and will change velocities and pressures noticably. In my revolvers, they result in velocities substantially below published data for the same weight lead round and, with light .357 rounds, occasionally failed to get the bullet out of the barrel. Be careful. It worked great for heavier jacketed bullets in both .44 and .357.


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