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Pet Loads For H335 And 55 Grain Bullets


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First post on this forum ... but I've been reloading successfully for awhile.

What pet loads have you developed for H335 and 55 grain bullets?

I've been developing loads with this combination for my 16" Bushmaster and found that it takes 25.2-25.3 grains of H335 to duplicate the velocities of factory 55 gr. WWB or AE .223 FMJ rounds.

What velocity should I be "shooting for" in my 16" Bushmaster? I'm loading FMJBT and V-Max bullets for plinking, 3 gun and varminting.

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I used to use H-335. For 55 Winchester FMJ cheapies.. I used 24gr, with my 16" barrel they were about 2,830. 55 Hornady's were about the same.

I changed to another powder (2230C), and run those at 3,050-3,100. I'm sure H335 would've gt there too, but never tried it.

I'd like to have about 3,100 fps, realy just so the drop at 350 +/- isn't as bad.

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Here is Hodgdons data sheet for H-335 in .223 with a 55gr top:


Looks to me like 26gr 25.3 is considered max for this combo and you are almost there already This makes me think that H-335 may not be that suitable for a shorty compared to a slower powder like AA2230, AA2520, or even WW748.

All of these max at just upwards of 28 grains in .223 under a 55 so I think you may be better off going with something else under the 55.

Sorry, but I'm in the middle of working up a 55gr H335 load and have the Hodgdon data committed to memory. :D


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Looks like my blooper of reading the next line down was even more on the mark and I didn't realize it ;-)

If 25.3 is duplicating some factory ammo in a shorty and 25.3 is listed as max, then I would definitely go slower on my powder choice there.

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I'm getting the following velocities out of my 16" Bushmaster in 85+ degree weather:

WWB 55 FMJ - 2,980 fps

Federal AE 55 FMJ - 2,970 fps

25.3 grains of H335 and CCI magnum primer - 2,990 fps.

So, 25.2 grains of H335 seems to match 55 FMJ .223 factory velocities in my 16" barrel.

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