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Surprise As I Unpack Tonight


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Presently I'm 3.5 hours from home for the next 5 weeks. This started last week. I left for home first thing Friday afternoon and made it home by 8:30PM. This afternoon, as I unpack my bag getting ready to learn how to be a better NCO again this week I find a present from my 1 year old son.

He was playing on/around my bag this morning and I didn't think anything about it, But now I have one of his toys. I like to think he did it on purpose, but I know better.

Just makes me feel alittle better about not being home for another week.

Could be alot worse, at least I'm only 3.5 hours away and not in Iraq. I will go when it's my time don't get me wrong. But I diffidently would rather be with my son.

Deploying is alot tougher as I age. Gulf war one, Bosnia, and Korea (97-98) didn't seem this bad.

I guess it is because I just have more to loose now.

Anyway I have a green, pink, purple and yellow 2.5 inch ball to place on my desk tomorrow to remind me what is really important.

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Totally agree with you. I did 12 years deploying only to get out and travel more! I am in Japan working for 3 months and my wife and 2 daughters are in OK. It used to be kinda fun to get away for a while, when I was single. But now it just plain sucks! I also got a treat thrown in my bag, unfortunately it was perishable!! Have a safe trip and get home soon. I bet someone misses you!

Be well buddy..


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Makes you feel good, but the poor kid is probably searching all over the house for his favorite ball :)

Thanks for your service.

Ditto to what John said - on both counts! I'm sure mom is frantically searching for the ball on the kiddo's behalf! Please tell her you have it.... :lol:

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