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Video Cameras

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So I seldom bring a second person to my action shooting events.

But I would like to get some video.

I have not kept up on these things very well, so what cameras would be good for this purpose?

Right now I am leaning toward a cap or body mounted camera.

Thank You

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If you are looking for a hat mounted cap the Insta360 go 2or 3 is hard to beat though it is a bit pricey.

That said if you want to use the video to improve you really need 3rd person video with includes the whole body in the frame, especially the feet. 

Easiest is just to ask a squad mate to film, preferably after they have shot the stage.

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If you want first person video I use AimCam.  I can adjust the camera to see where the red dot is in the video if I wanted to.  Easy to use and they have lasted almost 3 years now.


but sometimes you still want 3rd person to track your form.  Ask a squad mate or use a tripod and your phone or GoPro 

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I've tried using gopros and aimcam. I currently use the newer insta360 and it has been my favorite. I've always had issues with gopro batteries after a little while. Aimcam is real easy to bump and throw off alignment. I would constantly need to readjust where its pointing. The app interface also sucks. Insta360 app interface is great. No issues with battery or charging yet. Easily mounts to hat with clip and relatively low profile. I'm very happy with it so far.   

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