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MPA DS9 Comp Open Holster


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What up folks. I have an MPA DS9 Comp Open on order set for delivery any day now. I also have an Alpha X holster with a Staccato insert, does anyone know what insert will work for that gun / frame type? Kind of hoping the Staccato insert will just work but I highly doubt it. Really just need some info on holster in general for that gun.


P.S this is my first real post on here so I apologize if its in the wrong place..

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Get the SV insert. The STI one is not the correct shape and the gun will fall out. 


MPA Grips Fit SV Blocks. 

STI Grips Fit both STI and SV Blocks. 

Cheely Grips Fit in both STI and SV Blocks. 

SV Grips Fit SV Blocks. 



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