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VersaMax failure to feed

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Hi everyone,

I have the VersaMax Competition Tactical for 6 years. I shot it in many matches and practice until covid. When I first bought it I sent it to Benny Hill of Triangle Shooting Sports in Texas. This gun has never jammed except for a couple of slug shots (no s#!t). Now that I’m back, it has been jamming. I cleaned it and put a new Nordic spring in it and the shell is getting hung up on entry to chamber in which case I pull back on bolt about an inch and then it runs. I’m gonna try to load pictures of the jam. Oh well too big. Anyways the shell appears to get hung up on the 3 o'clock position of the outer part of Chamber. I then did a mag dump of 14 shells and it ran fine. I then shot about 50 more rounds quadload ing and shooting 4 at a time and no jams. Don’t know if that cleared it up but I doubt it. Any ideas, please help me. I was shooting this gun in matches and hardly cleaning it. 

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Thanks, I thought I had no reply but there was a duplicate post, my mistake. Benny told me to get Winchester AA 1200FPS 7.5

i did but still had hiccups but less. Then I lubed the rim of chamber area both inside and outside and outer most edge. 100 rounds no failure. I bought Fiocchi/Jerry Miculek 7.5 but didn’t try it today because I wanted a full day of quad loading and shooting without a jam. I’m tempted to not even try it because problem solved. Interesting that AA has 8 sections on hull and others have 6.

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