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Dillon 1100 eject after swaging

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I am trying to swage a bunch of 9mm on my 1100. Is there an upgrade I can get that will eject after swaging? If I remember correctly I saw one but only eject after sizing and requires permanent changes to the press. Don’t want this. Only eject after swaging. Thoughts?

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I'm trying to visualize how that might be done and so far I'm not seeing it.


For a case to be ejected at station 3 it would have to be guided out through the channel in the base occupied by the primer station locator assembly.


Also at that point the case is much farther away from the side of the base than it is at station 2. 

It would have to be moved about twice as far.


I'm not saying a clever person couldn't come up with something; only that I'm not nearly that clever.

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