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Ultrasonic Cleaning AR Parts


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I use an ultrasonic cleaner every time I clean my AR, or my MPX BCG.  I've used various brands of 'firearm' specific cleaning solutions.  They all work about the same.  Yes, it is effective, but it won't eliminate some manual, physical scraping, etc...and you'll still have to pull the bolt apart to wipe up anything left under the extractor, it just makes it much easier.



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19 hours ago, SnipTheDog said:

Is there any downside to ultrasonic cleaning the BCG?  Is it effective, or just a waste of time?

I find it very effective. The only downside is it may remove some finishes so I don’t leave parts in for more than 5 minutes. 

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Many use the purple ultra green in their US. Be careful with anodized aluminum it can remove the finish.  Remember to oil your parts afterwards, the US will remove all

the oils and can speed up rust. Also, I’ve cracked plastic on mine when using the heat setting too long. 

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