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Mag extensions, 17 to 23 round. Springer vs Henning.


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I purchased some Springer Precision mag extensions to increase my 17 round Sig mags for my P320 X5 Legion and with the extensions I purchased the Grams Extra Capacity Kit to increase my capacity to 23 instead of 22 for USPSA. I can get the 23rd round in the mag but I really have to work at it. If I top off and have one in the chamber, after I fire the first round it has problems stripping the first round out of the mag and it won't go into battery. I'm using a 12# recoil spring and would rather not go to 14# just because of this because it runs fine otherwise.

I'm wondering if it would work better if I bought Henning extensions and used the Grams Extra Capacity Kit with them I would get a real working 23 round mag.

Is anyone out there using the Henning extensions with the Grams Extra Capacity Kit and getting a full 23 round mag capacity and the gun still runs fine? I'd just like to hear from people that actually use them before I spend the cash on them instead of just believing what they post on the web site like Springer did.

Thanks all...happy shootin!

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