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New Vision Issue


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Got glasses a few months ago; prescription seems to be working. I've got an appropriate amount of balanced clarity on the sights and target. Up close, no problem, far, no problem. 


The issue now is that when I am in direct sunlight and the targets are in shade, my front and rear sights reflect so much of the sunlight that they look like One Big Blob of Sights. Cannot distinguish between the front and rear sights at all. 


I'm NOT talking about shooting INTO the sun. 


I don't have any sight black laying around, so have used flat black spraypaint to try to get rid of the glare, but this has not helped. 


Is this a "glasses" issue? Any suggestions?

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Maybe Doc will read this a chime in, but he made a suggestion to me several years ago that made a huge difference in my shooting vision.  I didn't realize I was losing my near vision until I started shooting indoor matches with artificial light.  He advised to try multifocal contact lenses and it worked extremely well.  I run a +1.5 in my dominant eye and the standard in my other eye.  Outside, I can still see the serrations on my front sight.


I know this didn't answer your question, but maybe it's another solution.  FWIW, I'm virtually blind without correction.  the E is blurry for me.

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Do your glasses have a anti-reflection coating on them? I know they didn’t coat mine one time (but charged me) and they were terrible. Headlights and street lights were just huge stars and blur’s. Was never a problem with glass but plastics are really bad without it. 

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