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M3K mag extensions question


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I have an M3K that has a factory 10rd tube installed. I'd like to go to 13rd or 14rd capacity and cannot seem to find an extension that will simply thread on to the end of my existing tube. I've tried calling MOA (never answers) and several others with no luck. Its like they've never heard of such a thing. Everyone keeps recommending the extensions for the M3000 which has the mag tube that ends at the forward grip. I'd prefer a simple extension to my existing tube but if someone knows of a 13rd solid tube I cand just replace mine with, I'd be ok with that too. Thanks for any help

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I run the MOA +9. I just looked and I didn't see them in stock. I know he had a bunch of health problems a few years ago.  He did answer private messages here before that but I'm not sure he still would.

Taccom3g.com has some up to +9.


Good luck.


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RCI used to make a monotube for the Stoeger; made it super easy to add an extension and get length.  I think I'm running a +4 on my 3500 to get 10 in the tube (currently stored in a different state while I'm stationed here, or I'd get specs and pictures).


not currently listed on their website, but they may still make it if you call

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