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Possibly Bent Sear Spring (Forgot to lower after disassembly)

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So I forgot to lower the sear spring leg after changing hammer springs. This caused the slide to get stuck when I cycled it. I was able to push the slide back into battery and then disassemble to lower the sear spring leg. That said, the edge is slightly bent. It still lowered with tension though, so I am not sure if it needs replacing. Trigger works in DA/SA and resets.


Would love to get the opinions of our seasoned gunsmiths if I should be worried and possibly preemptively change the sear spring.



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1 hour ago, zombywoof said:

I've done it a number of times. Mine were always fine.


I did not do such a thing but I often had to bend this spring. And if it does not break immediately then everything is fine.

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Just now, Scotty_JR said:

Must be a right of passage. New Tanfo owner here as well. Did that almost right off the bat. Slide never got stuck but racked a bunch. Everything is good to go for me. 


Haha. Good to know I am not the only one. All the replies here so far give me a ton of comfort. ROFL. 


Thanks everyone!

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