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Hello, my name is Mgderf.

I'm an old, white, conservative, who believes in the 2nd amendment.

I know, 4 strikes against me already...

I'm not new to firearms.

Hunting small game since I was 12.

Spent 4years during the cold war playing the role of a Jar-Head, Devil-Dog, Leatherneck...whatever.

One of Uncle Sam's misguided children.

I spent time in Puerto Rico and Iceland, as well as all over the states.


I recently acquired a Tanfoglio Witness in 10mm in an auction.

I actually don't have possession yet, but have some questions.


This was an estate sale and the pistol was sold without a magazine.

I have seen online a statement to the effect that all 10mm Witnesses are considered large frames, but I have no idea what model this is.

I know it has a 4-1/2" barrel, and a blued finish.


Is there a site available to search the serial number on my Tanfoglio to find out more about it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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On 7/4/2022 at 3:58 PM, Mgderf said:

That worked.

10mm Blue CarryComp 

Import date 7-02-2001


That means I won it at auction 21 years to the DAY after it was imported.

That's interesting..

Oh well, now I have the information I need to get the proper magazine.

Thanks for the help.


That's awesome!  Now go shoot the fire out of that thing. 

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