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1301 Comp shoots slugs WAY too high, but patterns birshot to POA. Anything I can do to improve slug impact height?

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Hi all, I have searched for a solution for quite a while and hope tat someone can lend a hand to my issue. 


     So, I have two 24" 1301 Comp shotguns.  A Gen 1 and a Gen 2.  Both barrels, regardless of which action they were used on, patterned way to high.  I could not increase the drop/lower the comb at all or I wouldn't even be able to see the beads, just the back of my receiver.  The guns both patterned 3" high at 16 yards. I have tried a dozen or more brands, velocities, and weights of slugs and only one is less than a foot high at 100 yards.  I added taller front sights (hi-viz tri-comp) and the guns both shoot birdshot to POA as long as I completely obstruct the front bead with the mid-bead.  This is all wrong in my book as I have been shooting shotguns for skeet, sporting clays, 5-stand, and trap for years with several shotguns and all of them shoot 50/50 patterns when I either stack the beads like a figure-8, or if they do not have a mid-bead I just make sure to see a little rib as I sight down the gun to my target.  I can adjust to this improper sight picture if I must (I've been shooting 3-gun with the Gen 1 for 7 years with good results), but I would much rather have a $1300 shotgun that shoots to proper POA like my $200 shotguns do. 


     The biggest issue is that the best performing slugs hit 8" high at 100 yards, which I find to be ridiculous.  All my other shotguns shoot slugs dead on at 25 yards and to POA again at around 80 yards.  Is there anything I can do to get better alignment of POA and POI?  I'd rather not bend my barrels if at all possible since birdshot now patterns close enough to POA to be able to just shoot instead of remembering to hold 3" low on bay burner stages.  I am not wanting to put rifle sights on the guns if possible as they shouldn't be necessary (they aren't needed on any of my other 9 shotguns to hit 1/2-scale IPSC steel at 100 yards), but also because I like to use these shotguns for clays sometimes and I find rifle sights on a shotgun to create an aggravating/distracting sight picture.  I have heard of adjusting the magazine tube where it meets the receiver (not the extension, but the actual base of the tube) to help adjust the barrels POI, however, I can not get either gun's tubes to loosen with a strap wrench, and I'm unclear how it would affect the POI enough to matter even if I could remove and adjust them.   I look forward to any advice that can be offered.  Thanks!

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Since you have other shotguns that shoot to point of aim, have you compared them?  Either lay one on top of the other or trace them on paper and compare the silhouettes?  Length of pull, cheek placement and cant all the same?  It may not be the barrel/mag tube alignment, it may be your alignment with the shotgun.



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Thanks for the suggestions guys.  I'll try to source some 7/8th ounce slugs to see if that gets me closer to point of aim.  Slug availability/variety is pretty limited these days, but maybe I'll get lucky. As far as shotgun fitment, I'm intimately familiar with the effects of changes to cast, pitch, drop and LOP. That's why all my other shotguns shoot to point of aim. The idea is to set your stock up so that your eye naturally falls in line with the rib, so that a little rib is seen and the beads form a figure 8.   The issue with my 1301s is that I cannot drop my comb any lower and still see the beads at all, and they still shoot too high. If I set the stocks up to give a traditional sight picture my entire pattern is above the point of aim, and slugs land 2 feet high at 50 yards.   I'm totally perplexed why these guns shoot this way.  My A400 Xcel uses the same action, and shoots exactly as it should concerning POA/POI.  It sounds like I may just have to hold a foot under any target between 50 and 125 yards, and be happy that birdshot hits where it should.  

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I had so many issues with mine, I sold it.  Slugs not grouping well, Flitecontrol wads being stripped open some of the time (so one 2" group, next 8" at 15 yards), and buckshot hitting 6" left of POA at 15 yards-- so slugs and buck not hitting close to each other at indoor distance.


It was 100% reliable at feeding, but something very wrong with the barrel.


Like you, my cheap shotguns don't have any of those problems.



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